Sonos is playing despite all my controllers being closed/"disconnected"

  • 4 March 2018
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I'm having an issue where the sonos app on my desktop is super laggy and slow. I will press play on a song and nothing will happen. I will often restart the app and will get a screen saying sonos can't connect to my network.. and then the song will start playing despite not being able to control it from the app. It's not playing from my phone (sonos is not open on that device) nor from my laptop (which is currently asleep and sonos is not open on that either). This "phantom" source is annoying and the only way to stop it is on the speaker itself. My music also frequently cuts out.

I have both a 2.4ghz and 5ghz network running on my wifi (the 5ghz works MUCH better for all our other wireless needs because there are about 25 other networks in the area running on 2.4ghz.) Could trying to run sonos on 5 rather than 2.4 be causing this?

It's a shame because the speaker sounds great but I am have endless issues with it and starting to regret spending the money on it. It's far more of a hassle than a joy right now.

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1 reply

Hmmm. There’s a couple of things here, and I’m typing on an iPad rather than a home computer, so bear with me, and forgive any spelling errors.

First, your subject line. Sonos is an internet speaker, so it’s not a player on your computer or phone, but the speaker itself that is going to the source and pulling down and playing the music. The app is only a remote control device, and doesn’t “play”anything. The source of the music can be pretty much any internet source, be it a streaming company like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc, or a local hard disk (like your computer or an NAS) or even the music stored in specific places on your phone.

Super laggy and slow suggests to me that you’ve got some network connection issues in your local Wi-Fi. This would also be the cause of the cut outs you mention.

Also, the Sonos System works on the 2.4Ghz networks, and not the 5Ghz frequency ( with one minor exception, when the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE connect to their surround and SUB speaker, but music is still carried on 2.4Ghz)

My initial recommendation to you is to refresh your local Wi-Fi system. Unplug all of your Sonos devices. Reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, plug in the Sonos device that is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable first. If you don’t have one connected, then choose the Sonos device closest to your router. Wait a minute or two for that device to boot up fully, and then move on to the next. Plug the next one in, and give it a minute or two to fully boot up, and repeat this for the rest of Your Sonos devices.

That’s a pretty basic troubleshooting step. If you’re still having issues after that, I’d suggest running a diagnostic from your controller app, and posting the number that you get at the end of the process here. And if you prefer not to wait, you could call in to Sonos to discuss it.

Good luck!