Sonos iOS app won't update/add/login/settings

  • 12 September 2019
  • 1 reply

My Sonos app on my iPhone XS (iOS version 12.4.1) will not allow me to add music services, check for updates, or basically do anything in the settings menu. When I tap on anything, I just get a never-ending spinning wheel. I tried deleting and re-adding the app, which only made it worse because now I can't log in at all. Seems like Sonos is cutting back lots of capability unless you have a Sonos One, which I don't want to buy since I already have 2 smart speakers and barely use them. I like the sound of Sonos speakers but the interface is getting increasingly difficult to use. The reason I'm trying to add music services in the first place is because Sonos will no longer let me play music "on this iPhone".

1 reply

If I were to guess, it's more that the Sonos App is having a hard time reaching out to the internet to connect to those services. For instance, I can pull up that screen on both my iPhone and an iPad, using 10.4, without any issue.

Try submitting a system diagnostic, and posting the number here. If that fails, and to be honest, I expect it will, then your system (both the app and your speakers) are having a hard time reaching outside your local system to the internet.

It could potentially be a firewall that's blocking access, or your router could just need to be rebooted. If it's the latter, I'd recommend rebooting the Sonos devices too by unplugging them from power, then plugging them back in, so that they pick up any new network information that may be new once your router has rebooted.