Sonos in my office keeps interrupting

  • 5 August 2019
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Hi there!

Can you please help me? I have got three Ruckus R510 AP's and my Sonos setup is the following:
1 zone consisting out of: 2x Sonos Play:1 (Stereo)
1 zone consisting out of: 1x Sonos Play:1
1 zone consisting out of: 1x Sonos Play:1
1 zone consisting out of: 1x Sonos Play:1

All zones are skipping music, interrupting, not playing once activated, zones not pairing. In short, it's a complete disaster. In my home setup I never have issues, also with Ruckus Wireless hardware (R310).

Can someone please help me? It's driving me nuts!



3 replies

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Hi MarkBender

  1. Just exactly where is the Sonos setup you describe located?
  2. In an office maybe?
  3. How long has the setup been in play?
Hi AjTrek1,

Many thanks for your reply. Hereby my answers:

  1. The setup is located in my office with my semi-open floor plan.
  2. It's indeed an office environment.
  3. We're pulling the plugs often, since the system is not playing. Pulling the plug often resolves the issue for a short while.
Also the Stereo pair is not playing in Stereo, if I pull the plug of one of the 2 devices, it finally starts playing.


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I hope you have Ruckus unleashed. I think I know this issue pretty well.

Try disabling

  • Background Scanning and 
  • Automatically adjust 2.4GHz channels

I remember that I read that Sonos does not support 802.11h