Sonos for sale, had enough!

  • 25 February 2016
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Anybody want to buy my Sonos equipment? I have had enough, had it for 3 months and it doesn't work for longer than 2 days. Can't access this, can't access that, not found, error codes I've had the lot. I am diagnostic'd out!,

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47 replies

You can't trade here. But you can at least inform us about your dialogue with Sonos Support. Your problems must be caused by a pretty basic networking issue.
I thought so but I've had hours on the phone with them, if it was simple i would have hoped it would all be sorted by now. it's fine for a day and then boom. I've run out of patience I'm afraid.
What components does your system consist of? Are any wired? And how have you tried to control it?

What's the make/model of router?
Boost, 7 sonos 1's, sub woofer, soundbar. The problem revolves around my music library, for example today Sonos won't recognise it, it says that my mac is not responding. So I reload and maybe it recognises it for a while and then bang it goes. I also can't access the NAS drive I brought which i thought might help resolve the problem (that might be me though not setting it up properly).

BT 5 hub plus some hot spots though I've gone through turning them off with a Sonos engineer etc and they didn't affect anything. I've had my lap top remotely controlled by them and they've changed wireless channels, renamed the laptop et al. It was OKish for 3 days and then yesterday its gone back to it's old ways.

i run it off a mac or i phone.
The Mac is wireless? That could be an issue. Tell us which NAS you have and we may be able to help.

Presumably the Support guy had you completely reboot your network to ensure everything obtained fresh IP addresses. That said, IP addresses in the BT Hub5 are 'sticky' -- any device always seems to get the same address -- so clashes shouldn't occur.

Is the Hub5 in its default configuration for wireless? Do you know what channel it's currently using? Which channel is Sonos using for SonosNet?

Also, on BT go to and disable the Web Address Help service. In my experience it can affect device name resolution in the local network.
yes wireless, WD my cloud,
BT hub on wireless channel 1, sonos is also using channel 1 it wont let me change channel. Yes web address help is disabled, the sonos engineer did this last time.
Changed the sonos wireless to channel 11 still wouldn't load my library
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Have you disabled auto set up on your router. The BT site has full details on how to disable this.
The BT router is known to have problems connecting things. The auto setup is good for most things but can get into a tizz when it feels like it.
Good point about the Smart Setup. I disable the wretched thing from the get-go.

WD NAS boxes are usually plug-in-and-go. Were you unable to even index files into the Sonos library off it?

As for the Sonos not letting you change the SonosNet channel this often indicates serious wireless interference. I appreciate we're going over ground possibly covered by Sonos Support but you aren't using anything else in the 2.4GHz band are you, such as a baby monitor?

Do other sources, such as radio or streaming providers like Spotify, work okay?
I've turned off the auto step up but it still won't let me recognise my music library of my hard drive.

I am reloading the library off the NAS again now but i know when i go to music library it'll say no files are there, even if I go to folders on music library and open that it says there are no files there.

Yes Spotify and Apple Music generally work fine.
So Sonos will let you index the files off the NAS? After indexing do entries show up in any of the Music Library views?
OK all of a sudden I can load my music library off my hard drive, this is the way it goes, I can put my whole library in a queue and play no problem. How long for is the million dollar question.

As far as the NAS drive is concerned when I click on music library and then folders it says it is there but when I click on it ,it says no selections are available.
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Hi jimbo3136, sorry to hear you're having trouble.
I've seen issues like this before but the solution can vary.

It's possible for a Mac to change it's host name, which can cause issues connecting to the library.
Beyond that, it's always possible that the router is having trouble pointing us in the right direction to access the library.
Have you tried rebooting the router when you have trouble accessing the library? If that resolves it, you may want to consider a different router, as they can misbehave in strange ways sometimes.

Either way, I'm sorry to hear your issue is ongoing. If you'd like to troubleshoot further, I'd recommend giving us another call.
Since you've say you've spent a few different calls with us, we may want to escalate you to our Tier 2 team to dig deeper into this issue.
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If you'd like to troubleshoot further, I'd recommend giving us another call.
Since you've say you've spent a few different calls with us, we may want to escalate you to our Tier 2 team to dig deeper into this issue.

Good suggestion, he has a ticket currently open right now. I reached to the technician it's assigned to and they'll be in touch when they're back in in the morning. We're happy to work with you getting this all up and running.
Thank you I appreciate it.
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My system is now up for sale also. I have spent possibly days over the years trying to get my Sonos system to work, the frustration is incredible and my heart wont take the stress anymore. I go away for a few days then hey, the system components won't connect again!! Ended up hard wiring the entire system at great cost and again it suddenly stops working. Have over $4000 worth of Sonos kit and now wish I had simply bought a transistor radio!! Indeed, that is what I am now going to do. The guys on the helpline (when you can find their number) have been great but have often been as puzzled as me. It may be a bit much to simply want to listen to some music without having regularly to spend several hours getting the system to work. All my components are connected to the controller but none are speaking to each other. I'm also sick and tired of the constant stream of updates that don't actually improve anything; over the years I've seen the controller interface go from bad to worse, change is not always better. I'm done. Adios Sonos.
So you registered here today, to post onto the end of a dead thread that, in essence, you had network problems? I'm struggling for the motivation...
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No. I have had Sonos problems since the day the system was bought. I have lived and tolerated a partly functioning system since day one. Sonos help lines have also not been able to help with a permanent solution. They get it working only for it to stop working again without reason. It's always someone else's fault, the router, the walls the operating system blah blah blah. I am a normal guy with a Mac and the product should simply work, period. I should not have to have a degree in electronics to play a song.
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I doubt you have been to any higher level support. You just came here to make some
Kind of point knowing you could sell it for close to your cost on eBay. If you want help there are plenty to help you get it working correctly as any issues are issues with your personal network.
Wireless issues might have been a factor originally, but moving to an all-wired solution would only have failed if there were issues in the network itself. In my experience, if you had a network of any complexity you might have needed to progress to Tier 2 or above in Sonos Support (or whatever they call them these days) for resolution.

If you want to find a way to retain your Sonos we may be able to help here. A brief description of your network structure and Sonos components would be the first step. Your call. The most obvious cause of connectivity problems in an all-wired system would in fact be plain old IP address conflicts, for which a simple remedy is to reserve fixed addresses in your router.
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Chris, I have no idea what the Sonos system is worth and this point concerns me not a jot. I have no intention of wasting my time to sell a second hand Sonos system to anyone, I don't need the money or headache that badly. On the technical side, how many hours and how often do I have to call technical support to play a song? What is reasonable? You should also know that it is a CAT5 network system DEDICATED and installed for the Sonos network only. It interfaces with nothing else except to the internet router through a bridge unit for occasional music streaming. No set-up could be simpler. A total 100% dedicated Sonos hardwired network installed by professionals. Almost as close to plug n play you can get. When I try to do anything with the system controller I have to 'update the software for the controller' then get the not unusual message 'software up-date failed' no reason why given; even technical support were totally unable to help on this issue. I don't know maybe once again it is another software providers fault or it could be a Sonos system fault for not being able to work with a bog standard Mac. So whose fault is it?
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Ummm. You posted in a selling my sonos thread.
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Chris, on another point to your reply. I have more Sonos support help ticket numbers than you can imagine. I have sent system diagnostic reports galore. When 'advanced' to personal telephone support I have found the guys to be really dedicated and determined to help me find a solution; absolutely no complaints in this regard. So when eventually the system does start to work I am eternally grateful. Imagine the shear frustration when after a few weeks the system develops bugs again!! I know that perhaps millions of people enjoy their Sonos music experience and good luck to them. I liked the system and installed it in every single room in my house, and it is a big house, unfortunately, my system for whatever reason that no professional has ever been able to adequately answer, is simply unstable and provides me with a frustrating experience. I will now look for another solution to my music/radio requirements but I doubt in future it will involve such a complex system and will probably be based on standalone units. In this regard I will at least be able to make use of the Sonos base speaker units. Best regards Frank.
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Chris, I can't see anything on this thread about selling to anyone. Indeed, Ratty indicates that you cannot sell on this site. I came to this Sonos site looking for support and simply sympathised with the original post from jimbo1316 that brought me to this thread. I was simply indicating that I too had now reluctantly reached the end of the road. Frank.
It interfaces with nothing else except to the internet router through a bridge unit for occasional music streaming.
What kind of bridge unit? If it's a Sonos BRIDGE remove it. It's superfluous in an all-wired system, and they have a history of suffering from failing power supplies as they age. Despite ostensibly working, a BRIDGE with a failed PSU will intermittently cause connectivity problems. For some reason Sonos Support appear reluctant to identify this as a potential root cause.