Sonos Five Line-in not group playing with Symfonisk Lamps gen2.

  • 6 August 2022
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My new Sonos 5 connected to my turntable will not  group play with my upstairs Symfonisk stereo pair lamps.  Funny thing, is if I “remove stereo pair” from my “Main Room” group, the audio will start playing, but only from 1 speaker/lamp.   It will then kick the other speaker to a separate room without me even doing it.   This last time around it created its own room “Bathroom”.   Wtf???


I’ve group played my line-in turntable with my 5 and my Living Room arc+2subs+2 oneSL surrounds.  Group play works with every imaginable combination except Line-in and symfonisk.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My network is 1200mbps with Wi-Fi 6 mesh


Further testing:  If I remove stereo pair and then add stereo pair again, it works!   But only for this session.  And every time I trueplay tune the stereo symfonisks, line in group play stops working again! Extremely annoying.


1 reply


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