Sonos fails to sort music imported from iTunes library by album

I recently imported some Apple lossless files from an external drive. The files show up and play in iTunes and are sorted by album, artist, album artist, etc. Sonos does not sort those files by album. Files can be played on Sonos but are not sorted by album, only by album artist or artist. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks.

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Sometimes iTunes makes assumptions about tags that are not entirely filled in, so you may be missing some Album tags which Sonos will not pick up. Open up a browser and type the following in the address bar:

http://123.456.789.012:1400/status/tracks where "123.456.789.012" is the IP address of one of your Sonos players. You can get the ZP addresses from the Controller app under Settings->About Sonos Desktop Controller.

This will give you listing of your entire library. Do a search on the missing Album names and you can see where the tags are missing. Use a tag editor to fill them in.
Thanks for the reply. I was denied access to the ZP address. I did get a tag editor and all the album titles were there in the iTunes music library "raw" files. Not sure what to do next. Thanks again for the recommendation.


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