Sonos drops when microwave is on

  • 11 October 2017
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Recently, my kitchen sonos drops out when my microwave is on. I’ve had my unit in here for years and this is relatively new. Could the recent updates have changed something? How can I stop this from happening?

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14 replies

It's feasible that the new software is more sensitive to interference, but I'd consider that unlikely. You haven't really given us much information to go on, though, other than you have a Sonos device in the kitchen.

I'd recommend that you at the least work through Wifi Interference FAQ , but it's also likely that the new update has potentially exposed other issues in your network, including duplicate IP addresses, although I think you've done a great job tying it to the microwave.

But if the FAQ's suggestions don't help, I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at, particularly within 10 minutes of experiencing one of those drops. Then there should be additional info in the data which should help them pinpoint the issue.
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Check the door seals and alignment on your microwave if the Sonos diagnostics show RF issues from it being on. Leaking microwaves aren't good for you either.

Amazon (and others) sells Microwave RF leak detectors too, if your oven tests iffy one can be handy but at the prices it may make more sense to just get a new MW oven.
Leaking microwaves aren't good for you either.

100% with you on this; and a hidden Sonos feature, that identifies these for you:-).
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I have been getting this more often since a router change last month. It's not enough to get me really annoyed yet so I haven't started looking, but I have wondered if the channel the router wifi is on is different which has either interfered with the Sonos signal or forced the Sonos to swap to a worse channel. I find it hard to believe that a 3 year old microwave has suddenly changed.
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Nick, Router changes, channel, signal strength and a bunch of other nerdy things can be different between routers so that is always a possibility, be it a new router, firmware update or even a factory reset.

Microwave changes can be gradual, like a slowly deteriorating seal or food buildup in the door seal area, sudden like a seam in the RF path opening or varying with no apparent pattern like a iffy door latch or a chunk of something in the seal area that shifts with each door cycle.

Since the original poster has it identified as tied to the microwave's operation he is in a slightly different position than you are.
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My microwave has regularly caused a drop out of the sonos players at that end of the house, since installation three years ago. But the frequency of the problem has jumped a lot with the recent router change. The microwave is definitely the root cause - if I don't use it I don't have the problem.
I agree that the OP may have had a sudden physical change on his microwave which is causing the issue, but I was just trying to make the point that it may not be that anything has changed with his microwave - I am relatively sure nothing has changed with mine.
I have a Sonos play 5 in the kitchen positioned two shelves above a microwave approx 500mm away. When the microwave is on the play 5 sometimes drops out. Is the microwave interfearing with the WiFi? Or worse is the microwave damaging the play 5s electronics?

Yes, the microwave is interfering with your WiFi. Try switching channels in the Sonos app.
And think about replacing that microwave. It shouldn't be emitting that much interference, I'm assuming it's relatively old.
Interference of that kind also may be a health hazard; with Sonos doing the canary in a coal mine feature in addition to all else it does.
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You can get a microwave oven tester on Amazon or other sites, the accurate ones aren't cheap but if you are trying to keep an older microwave leak testing after a few years isn't a bad idea. You can test all your friends microwaves too, a bit of fun and makes the darned thing seem less expensive than using it once and shelving it.

A meter of distance might solve your issue too. It would also move your Sonos away from the steam and grease coming from the microwave. Over our microwave is the obvious place for our Play 5 too but I moved it 3 meters away to another cabinet to avoid all three issues.
New user.
I have a Playbase and 2 Sonos1s. When i use the kitchen microwave the Sonos1s intermittently cut out. I borrowed another microwave and after brief testing all seemed ok. Bought a new microwave and, although not quite so frequently, the Sonos1s still cut out. The Playbase is unaffected. Confused!

I read one offered solution to "change channels" in the app. Can't find a way of doing this. Is it hidden somewhere?

The router is 15 feet from one Sonos1 and similar distance from microwave. I've moved the speaker to different places in the kitchen and different plugs.

Any ideas? I can't afford another microwave. And you can't trybefore you buy anyway.
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Hi Nick, changing the channels is in the Sonos app when you're using a wired Sonos player, and don't have everything connected to the house wireless network. If you don't have a wired Sonos player, that you're using your router's wireless, so changing the channel is done in your router's settings. Likely under Wireless Setup but it depends on the router firmware.

When a microwave is on running it sends out similar frequencies around it, but the shielding on the microwave is supposed to keep that contained. As a test, most microwaves have power settings when you start them, so you could see what happens when the microwave is on 50% power.

Also, when the audio is cutting out, what audio content is usually playing? Are the Ones or Play:1s being used with your Playbase as surround speakers and playing the TV audio? I ask because TV content is among the highest bandwidth content that is used, so wireless caused cutouts are most likely to affect it, versus playing a music source.
Thanks for replying and for the info Ryan.

I run the Sonos wireless. I have a wire from router to TV to help with any TV streaming.

I use the Playbase for TV and music and it doesn't cut out at all.

The two Play1s are in different rooms and I use them for music mainly, but also TV. They cut out whatever the source.

I'll need to investigate the router channel switching and experiment with the power settings to see what happens. I'll report back later.

Thanks again.