Sonos drops off line constantly when using Pandora.

  • 13 August 2017
  • 7 replies

Sonos drops off line constantly (every thirty minutes) when using Pandora. Entire reboot required to start it. If that doesn't work at first, then downloading the Mac controller and reinstalling it works. That is unacceptable for a system of this price.

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7 replies

Buying this system was a HUGE mistake. I regret it every single day. Mainly because this is probably a simple problem but the support is so, so bad.
Perhaps a better explanation of how you've set up your system, along with submitting a system diagnostic, and posting the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at would help.

The Sonos ecosystem does indeed require a fairly healthy local wifi network, and exposes issues that normally can be ignored by other things, like computers, printers, etc.

There are quite a few people who frequent these boards, who are often willing to help people who are asking, and to supplement the assistance given by the folks from Sonos. But without any information, there really isn't anything that can be done, other than the not helpful "it works in my home, and has for years, without any issue". But you're not experiencing that currently. If you want to, I'd recommend giving more information.
Diagnostic code 7714048

On a 5G 1 GB wifi system with RCN. Plenty of power.

I've told them that diagnostic with no response. Absolute damned silence.

I've been on the Sonos Support twitter since noon (THAT'S FOR NINE HOURS) with absolutely no response.
Well, it's a Sunday, so I'd assume that there's fewer support people working than there would be on a Monday through Friday, but at least you're on the right track.

You've indicated what your speed is to the outside world, which usually isn't the problem. Most often, it's the local signal that is the issue, where speakers are having trouble staying hooked up for various reasons, from wifi interference, to duplicate IP addresses.

So, let me ask you some questions.
What Sonos speakers do you have?
How are they connected to the internet, are they on your Wifi, or do you have a Sonos device directly wired to your router?
Is your local wifi signal at 2.4Ghz, or 5Ghz?
What router make and model do you have?
You're using the Sonos app to connect to Pandora, what version of the app do you have?
Do you have a paid subscription to Pandora, or a free one (I'm not a Pandora user)
What version of firmware is on your speakers?
What device does your Sonos app reside on?
What OS is on that device?
When the music drops off, do the speakers still show up in the app, or do they disappear?

Some of this information (not all) is in that diagnostic, but since I'm not a Sonos employee, I don't have access to it. But knowing answers to all of that would go a long way in allowing the folks here on these boards an opportunity to assist you. That being said, there's no guaranty that we can get it right, but I'd expect at least a 90% chance.
Sunday is not an excuse for nine hours of silence.

Some of your questions I cannot answer but most of them I can. I will tell you this I'm not getting on the floor and looking at the type of router I have. It comes from RCN which is a reputable company.

My Pandora connection is paid for annually.

I update all my programs whenever an update is available. Therefore my Pandora and my app is updated to the latest version. Same answer to the operating system on the Mac. All most updated programs available.

The Sonos is on the Wi-Fi, not on an ethernet cable. The gigahertz are whatever is the standard with RCN.

The speakers are player one.

That should answer most of your questions. Since you're not an employee, thank you very much for trying to help me. That doesn't absorb Sonos of their terrible support. If they are 24/7 as their Twitter claims to be, a nine hour wait is appalling.
I meant absolve. I've had recent wrist surgery and dictating is easier on long text.
Well, since I'm not familiar with RCN, you've made it fairly difficult to help you.

The one thing I'd recommend that you try is to connect one of the Play:1 speakers to your router with an ethernet cable. Not to an extender, but the router itself. Wait a couple of minutes for the Sonos system to recognize that it's no longer on Wifi, but instead on SonosNet. Then try your Pandora again, and see if you're continuing to get dropouts. If it works better, than I'd recommend sticking with this, and going in to the app and removing the information about your wifi, so that the speakers aren't trying to connect using that method any longer. You can find additional information about how to remove that in the FAQ section of this website.

I think the word you're looking for is absolve. But I'd agree, a nine hour wait is a bit much.

I hope you get a response from them soon. Best of luck.