Sonos dropping out

  • 27 December 2016
  • 6 replies

Intermittent drop out of signal in one of several speakers

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6 replies

I'm having the same problem with a brand new Play 3.
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In my limited understanding, there are a few reasons this can occur. I've had intermittent challenges with a couple of mine and had substantial improvement when I added a boost and set a very specific wireless channel for the system to operate on.

The issue was there was a lot of wifi signals around me (neighbors wifi, etc) and the interference from the various devices on the wifi channels created the problem. I have a program on my Mac that identifies (visible) wifi networks and the channels they are on. I set my Sonos system to have "SonosNet" use channel 11 (where there was the lowest amount of local radio traffic around me that I could see) and ensured my local wifi router was on a different channel (6) ... (recommended to use only 1,6, and 11 - there is a lot of overlap on the signal noise on meighboring channels) now everything works pretty much flawlessly.
Yes, I just did this and things seem better. Can you tell me which software you use on your mac btw?
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An inexpensive little tool I found in the app store "inSSIDer" it is called... does the basic job I need.
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Audio cutouts can definitely be frustrating, and Sonos is designed to work around most troubles that can cause this sort of thing, but there's a lot of factors involved. If you'd like to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system the next time you have a cutout and post your confirmation number here I'd be happy to take a closer look.