Sonos doesn't see my music library when I'm vpn'd in to work

  • 16 May 2014
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I connected my Sonos to my music library on my mac. However, when my mac is connected to my vpn at work, the Sonos doesn't see it. Is there some way to fix this?

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5 replies

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Hi User296547,

When you have your VPN enabled does your Mac controller stop showing the Sonos system entirely, or does the music library just stop functioning?

The VPN could be changing the hostname of your computer when active causing the share to break. If you're losing the connection, it could be blocking specific ports, which we might be able to help with. If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend giving us a call so a technician can take a look at your system live. 

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To revisit this (I just saw it as related in another thread about VPNs)... some (not all) work VPN systems have a capability called "split tunneling". When you're connected to your work network, you now have two potential routes to the internet. One is through your regular home internet connection, the other is through your work VPN connection.

If your work VPN system allows split tunneling, then the VPN connection will ONLY be used to access systems on your work network, while your local network connection will be used to access anything else.

However, if your work system does NOT allow split tunneling - some IT Security organizations see it as a potential security risk, as your computer could potentially act as a router providing back-door access to your work network - then your computer will only operate through the VPN. Your computer won't be able to access any resources on your home network (like a wireless network printer) and other devices on your network (like Sonos) won't be able to access your music stored on your computer when you're connected to the VPN.

This is not uncommon, and more and more companies are not using split tunneling for the security reason mentioned above.
I'm having the reverse problem.  My Mac Controller can only access music servers (Deezer, etc.) when the VPN is turned on, and my iOS controller (my iPhone not being on VPN) can only see the music library on the Mac if the VPN is on on the Mac.  Any ideas?
hey which vpn service you are using ,, this may happen because of the vpn provider features i hope you are using good vpn for us , i have some providers list may be it will be useful for you. 
I just encountered this problem on a fresh Windows 10 install. My work place uses Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, version 4.3.04027 (at the time of writing).

Resolving this is quite easy: Open up AnyConnect's configuration, and enable Allow local (LAN) access when using VPN (if configured) in the Preferences tab.

In my case, this setting was disabled by default.