Sonos doesn't recognize more than one iTunes (imported) playlist -- why?

  • 24 May 2017
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Here's my setup:

-2 x Sonos Play:1's
-2 x Sonos Play:3's
-One MacBook Pro with two user accounts (both accounts using separate instances of iTunes to manage their different music libraries).
-Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive, cable connected to an Airport Time Capsule wireless router, that contains both iTunes music libraries managed from the MacBook Pro [the actual music files and playlist files that are too voluminous to fit on the MacBook Pro].

Here's the issue:

When I set up the Sonos client on the MacBook Pro (mentioned above) for both user accounts and also install the Sonos app on two different mobile phones, I'm able to import the two separate iTunes libraries (call them Library A and Library 😎 from the MacBook and have Sonos recognize the music files on the NAS drive.

Note that I copied the respective iTunes playlist files to both libraries so Sonos could import/use those playlists as well. (I'd prefer to avoid recreating the many iTunes playlists already established in the Sonos app if possible.)

For the most part, all seems to work OK---I can play music files from either music library that's on the NAS drive---HOWEVER, I can only use ONE playlist at a time. For example, From either the MacBook or a mobile phone, I can see all the music files in Library A and also the playlists associated with Library A. However, I can only see the music files in Library B, but not the imported playlists associated with Library B---only the imported playlists from A. This means the person in the house who Library B belongs to cannot play their imported playlists, even from their own phone.

I can't imagine, given how long Sonos has been doing business, that this is an oversight or hasn't come up before. So I assume I'm doing something wrong with my setup.

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1 reply

Hi xtofer, welcome to the Community and we appreciate you reaching out.

Multiple music libraries and playlists can take some planning and thought so they'll be able work to your liking.

We'd like to get a closer look at your system here. Can you submit a diagnostic and let us know the confirmation number?