Sonos does not work - keeps cutting out

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I am having the same issue In both of my home's. They are different routers and different service providers and its continuing to happen. Any help Would-be greatly appreciated
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Hi rusuja, welcome to the community. Please send us a diagnostic as well, and reply here with the number. We'll take a look and see if there's anything to improve there.
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I agree-- I have invested so much in my system and it is a pleasure when it works but so frustrating to have music-less weekends when it doesn't work. Seems to cut out randomly and then come back on the later or the next day.
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The diagnostic code is 7128766

Hi aedcharmer,

There's a high level of wireless interference showing up which is causing communication errors between your Sonos units. Please try changing the wireless channel your system is using. It may also help to look around your Sonos units for third party wireless device which could cause interference. Try moving any such device away from your speakers and test things out.
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The diagnostic code is 7128766