Sonos does not work - keeps cutting out

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Had 2 sonos ones as stereo in living room. Kept cutting out. Router in bedroom. Sonos advised bridge or another speaker wired to router. Got another One (from richer sounds) today. Wired it up. So far (touch wood) not cutting out in living room.
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my system was working fine now it shuts off randomly all the time i have 8 sonos ones a tv bar and sub this update really shit the bed Your confirmation number is: 1533682142.
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We have a sonos 1 and two sonos 5 currently. we have set them up EXACTLY as per the instructions. We have exceptionally high internet speed. We have connected our spotify.

Despite updating the sonos (about twice a week as the sonos tech nerds seem to screw it up every time).

It NEVER works. it will play for 3 or 4 minutes then immediately cut out. Or one of the speakers decides not to play. Or the phone or iPad being used as a controller tells us that the music is playing but it is not.

Sonos is proving to be one of the worst products purchased, its adverts suggest interruption free music, whereas in reality it cuts out constantly. Absolutely unacceptable.

Any help would be appreciated considering the ludicrous amounts charged.

I have same problem and my system is hard wired.......

I'd be very keen to see a diagnostic of your system. Please respond with the confirmation number so that I may identify the cause for you. Many thanks in advance.

this is exactly what mine is doing
Your confirmation number is: 1533682142.
Deck speakers constantly cut out after a couple of minutes of playing. Deck speakers are hardwired to a connect:amp. All other speakes throughout house and connected via a connect:amp are working fine. Already did a factory reset on connect:amp. Please help. Very frustrating. Diagnostic code is 1202175272.
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Hello everyone. Thanks for posting and sharing your diagnostic reports. If you are still encountering these problems, my best recommendation would be to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time.

Otherwise, feel free to create a new topic and the Community will be more than happy to take a closer look. Thanks!