Sonos does not work - keeps cutting out

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While I feel your pain, the fact is that a wifi speaker requires a healthy wifi environment. And it really is a fairly simple process to fix the duplicate IP address issue, as you've read in all of those posts. In fact, it probably takes as long if not longer to write it than it does to do it.
all I can see is everything connected to my nework has different 2 digit endings on the IP addresses.. my sonos is .84 others are .81,.71,.86 etc

So I see nothing "duplicate"
And unforutnately, you never will. Your router report that you're looking at is a snapshot of a moment in time, and doesn't, quite unfortunately, show you what's been connected to a single address over time. So when one device bumps the other offline, it just doesn't show up.
Ridiculous... who buys a speaker that requires a computer tech to deal with IP issues etc? insanity
I'm not a computer tech, just a computer user. There's many here who are, and have been most helpful. But I purchased my system with the full understanding that any "wifi" enabled device requires a stable wifi network. And I have the minimum knowledge in which I can set up my system in a fashion in which it's stable. It's like buying a car. You wouldn't want to buy a car without having the knowledge on how to drive it.

I'll admit that there are threads in this forum about networking issues that make my head spin. I just don't have, nor do I want to have the knowledge necessary to deal with some of the questions they pose.
Well let's see. In 15 years I have never had an issue except having to reboot a modem for telus box. So I'd say my wifi is "stable".
A speaker that now plays Spotify but nothing off my downloaded music is ridiculous. Make a product that works. My laptops never have an issue. iPads.... no issues. iPhones no issues.. only this wifi speaker. This 725.00 wifi speaker.

Yup it is absolutely fantastic sounding... when it works.

The car analogy is just ridiculous. No one who can't drive buts a car.... but people who like music buy speakers.
Very frustrating... my diagnostic code is 7955771
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Same as the others. This system is BAD! I continue to buy pieces and follow your useless suggestions, and my system gets WORSE. It used to be easy to get to a helpful person, now it's almost impossible. The 1st line people are rude and uninformed. I can google a topic faster than they can. When I need help, you're closed. My wifi is GREAT. I don't have a single problem with any wired or wifi device in my home, and I'm a heavy user. Yet, sonos can't play 5 seconds of a song without cutting out. It's embarrassing, Now you are forcing these updates on us more and more often with stupid, useless features when you should be fixing what's broken. And, take away the stupid messages that pop up every time you add a song to your queue for example...we added it...we know...we don't need a message to pop up every time and tell us what we just did. And, it's the same thing with clearing a song or queue. Its not an atomic missile launch code, it's a SONG. Quit changing mobile app devices around AND STABILIZE THE PRODUCT!!!!!!!
Diagnostic: 8102745
Sonos skipping problem here as well. I reset controller reconnected speakers checked download speeds all working fine. Still sound cut about every 5 minutes, short skip skip skip. Uggg. Finally I switched music source to iphone music instead of Amazon stream. Perfect sound from iphone source. Then switched to Pandora source.. perfect sound. Back to Amazon.. skip skip skip. My issue is with the source stream, from Amazon. Must be getting to many users streaming from prime service now. hope this helps someone. Love the Sonos system.
Diagnostic code 8131330. Same issue, Sonos 1 playing from music library on our Mac keeps cutting out. I can't allocate our 5g to wireless channels 1/6/11 - the router won't let me. I've tried to use the 2.5g network on the Mac (which defaults to wireless channel 1) but to no avail. Please help Sonos!
Sonos cutting out. Infuriating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Diagnostic code 8139047
my Sonos Amp Connect was working fine until a few days ago and now it cuts out periodically and the pops on again to go off again. It is hard wired into a 1GB Router/Switch via Cat 6 cable - Diagnostic code is 8157182
I have been experiencing the same issues, which seem to have progressively worsened since the last 1-2 upgrades. The system was rock solid up to that point. 13 devices, cutting out randomly, controllers stop responding, downloaded music skips and throws a variety of errors. Streaming (Pandora/Spotify) works generally fine. The only change to our overall ecosystem, was adding an Alexa enabled Sonos One a month ago, at which point we also did an upgrade.

In addition to all the standard router reboots and troubleshooting, we also replaced our older AP with a beefier unit, which made no impact. Spouse is a network engineer, up to now I've appealed to him to "just make the #&@'ing @3%! work", so haven't opened a diagnostic yet. Seeing this is a pervasive complaint, I will do so now.
Be sure to post the number here, so the techs at Sonos know what they're looking at.
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My set up has also start cutting out on a regular basis since the last update. It is now all but unusable and the most expensive non-sound system on the market. 8195537
my Sonos Amp Connect was working fine until a few days ago and now it cuts out periodically and the pops on again to go off again. It is hard wired into a 1GB Router/Switch via Cat 6 cable - Diagnostic code is 8157182

Same here 4 Connect Amps hard wired to a Gigaswitch and constantly cutting out. People come to my home and ask me what’s wrong with my system.
Updates turned a decent system into a pile of junk. Alarms don't work anymore - even when reprogrammed. Groups undone, Pandora dropping constantly. User interface is so confusing my wife can no longer operate the system.

Had an event at the house Sunday and spent the whole day turning the music back on.

So disappointing.

Sonos, you've got a couple weeks to make things right. It's going to be an expensive change to move to apple, but your system is unusable.
Unreliability of my Sonos players is much worse as of late (last quarter of 2017). I go to relax through my music and instead wind up frustrated listening to payers cut in and out. I used to recommend Sonos system to friends and family. As issues with my system increase and reliability erodes as well as unmet promises to repair Audible functionality I'm busy evaluating new streaming multi-room audio options (there are many) and steering those I care about away from the pain and frustration of an expensive system that performs below expectation. Diagnostics 8223094
When will you folks realize that without rock solid wifi, you can't have rock solid multi room audio? Fix your wifi issues, and, like most Sonos users, you will never have dropouts. Ever.
You guys must be paid shills. The system was solid for 6-8 months until the update - now it sucks. Unplug them all, then plug them back in one at a time? Tried it. Even took them off DHCP and gave them fixed IP addresses. Still dropping out. Alarms don't work. Grouping falls apart.

When nothing changes but a SONOS UPDATE and the system goes from good to suck - you can bet it was the update.

And explain to me how a lousy interface is the fault of a rock solid wifi? How about alarm group settings that won't stay on? Does wifi affect that? Is the wifi affecting my timer settings?
same issues: 8230210
Sonos, you have to provide an update for this issue asap. There is no denying that this is a problem with your product. No issues for years and now the product is crap. This product now becomes no better than a crapy bluetooth speaker. This company will fail very quickly without a resolutiion. I will not recommend this companies products to anyone I know, due to thier avoidance in acknowledging and fixing this issue. If this isn't fixed with the next update, I'm done, going to thier competitor.
Sonos, Please rectify. I was going to buy a couple more of your units until recently. Worked great since I bought it. Just recently within the last two weeks. Updated Apps both on my wifes phone and my phone and not able to connect. Then cannot reset the unit without direct connection to internet. What a drag. Might go to Blue Tooth Units. Very frustrating.
So I did some more follow up and found some interesting items.

We have a significant Sonos investment (about 15 devices) throughout our home. We have great wifi signal everywhere (not a huge house). What I started to see was that my AP (Unifi UAP-AC-SHD, a model designed for high density) was getting its airtime up to almost 100% during song switching. My wifi signal in the house is great everywhere, however it appears that we were just running out of schedulable time on the AP.

Keep in mind it is just two people in my home, no other wifi signals, and aside from the Sonos gear there are typically only about 2 semi-active wifi clients, everything else is wired.

Through an offhand conversation with a friend he mentioned the ad-hoc connection ability Sonos has if one of the speakers has a wireless connection.

So I plugged in my PlayBar to my network via cable and sure enough all of the speakers automatically switched over to creating their own ad-hoc (unadvertised) network (I verified this by doing some MAC address tracking on my network gear).

After doing this I have had no problems whatsoever. If you have more than 5 Sonos devices I would absolutely recommend this deployment model(Its called SonosNet).

I wish that this deployment model was more widely advertised.

I hope this helps someone else.