SONOS does not read folders in the correct order

  • 5 June 2019
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I have a list of 'songs' in folders which Windows lists in the correct absolute numerical order. When SONOS reads from the same folder the numerical order is changed. Note these are the folders created by me for the 'songs' and not what is ripped from the CDs. I know I can have a workaround by adding zeros in front of the number but (like BWV 004) but I don't want that.
Example: Windows order is BWV 4, BWV 5, BWV 6 etc. SONOS shows these same files starting with BWV 100, BWV 101, etc.
SONOS lists BWV 4 after BWV 39,

Anyone any ideas?

4 replies

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Your post is a little confusing, but it sounds like Windows is sorting alphabetically by filename and Sonos is sorting by the mp3 metadata. You can change how Windows sorts by messing with the folder options in Explorer. I believe Sonos will always sort songs based on the mp3 tag data, and sort folders by alpha name.

Whatever the issue, you can't change how Sonos sorts things except by changing the underlying data (filename or metadata).
Thanks for looking at this - as I pointed out the problem is not with the 'songs' it is with the folder names - which I created when I ripped the music from the CDs. There is no mp3 data attached to the folder names so I'm afraid it can't be that.
Sorry it is difficult to explain - the system wouldn't let me add screen grabs of how the files are listed in Windows Explorer and the same files are listed by SONOS in the selection menu.
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Well Sonos is sorting these in Alpha Numeric order. In that instance "BWV 4" is correctly listed after "BWV 39".

To be honest I'm not sure there is much you can do about. I'll have a think to see if I can come up with anything but off the top of my head nothing comes to mind I'm afraid
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Why do you care about the folder names anyway? Assuming your files are tagged correctly, find things by artist or album or genre instead. But yes, Sonos will only sort folder names alphabetically, though it looks like Windows Explorer can sort semantically. Internally NTFS sorts alphabetically by utf16.