Sonos Desktop Controller updates cause a system crash

  • 6 January 2021
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Hello, it seems that every time my sonos system is running fine and I install the new update for the desktop controller it completely breaks my system. I have 10 sonos products and some now do not show up in my device list, streaming services for music all of the sudden have the wrong encoding and will not play, or will completely stop playing everywhere half way through a song. Every time we update it seems to be one problem after another. Does anyone else experience the same issues, and is there any resolve for audio disconnects and speakers disappearing? Again, my system was running fine before the most recent update. These issues have happened in the past after updates to the desktop controller as well but resolve over time after multiple router resets. Everything else on my home internet works fine, no boost networks that could interfere (that was another problem I discovered in the past and corrected).


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2 replies

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I have updated my desktop controllers probably a hundred times over the last decade. If anything the update process has gotten more reliable over time. However, I do have a decent router, one that doesn’t cause duplicate IP address problems, and if you don’t then I could see how updates might often cause havoc. If you do have a lame router you should pre-assign IP addresses for all your Sonos devices, as others often recommend, so that when they reboot (after their update) they always get the same address.

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The static IP assignment fixed my update and power flop issues.

My router keeps very detailed DHCP logs and it is not doing anything odd or logging getting improper requests from Sonos. I have never, with many hours of troubleshooting, been able to identify the issue.