Sonos Cutting out

  • 10 October 2016
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Why does my sonos keep cutting out, so annoying, this has only recently started, after I updated the sonos app on my phone, have sent in Diagnostic check no 662835, any suggestions/help would be appreciated, its driving me crazy

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5 replies

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Hi mikef90, welcome to the Sonos community. Could you send us another diagnostic? That one is not coming up in our database. The confirmation number should be 7 digits long.
hi diagnostic number is 6629615
Best Regards
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Thanks for that, Mike. It looks like the issue is in wireless transmission. Not all the data we want is being transmitted in the timely manner to the Sonos units. The signal strength to your router is quite good, so this seems like interference. Try logging on to the router and changing the wireless channel to 6.

On a Netgear router, you can usually do this by:

  • Navigating to
  • Log in to the router interface. The username/password is often 'admin' and 'password'
  • Go to 'Wireless'. In this page you should see a box allowing you to change the channel.

Make sure as well that there is nothing close to the router which might be interfering. For example a 3G signal booster or smart TV within 40cm distance can have a noticeable effect.
Hi finally managed to change the wireless channel to six, been a few hours now and no cutting out so looks like a result. Thanks for your help.
My SONOS also cuts out constantly ever since I added a play 5 to my current living room 5.1 Sonos set up. Another play 1 in my bedroom also cuts out. Apt is tiny and this is also frustrating.