sonos crossfade

  • 11 September 2019
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Anyone else having problems with crossfade since last update on iOS v10.4. Was working fine before the update but now greyed out. Thanks.

7 replies

If controller options are greyed out it usually means a version mismatch. Check for software updates, in Settings/System.
Huge thanks for quick reply ratty! My updates are automatic but I did do a manual refresh and was told all up to date. Looked at system info and all sonos components (five in total, beam and left and right rears, connect amp and bedroom sonos one all show version 10.4. From what I can tell no mismatch? I’m Playing from Spotify but generally never had a problem with crossfade ( other than the sonos app always reverting to off). Have uninstalled and reinstalled both Spotify and sonos apps? Cross fade was definitely running fine last weekend, updated to 10.4 yesterday and now it’s suspiciously greyed out?! Lol.
You'd better submit a diagnostic, post the number, and Sonos Support can take a look.
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Working OK for me. What source are you playing from? The source needs to be 'cross-fadeable', so to speak.
Edit: I've just read the original post properly. Working OK for me on Spotify via the Sonos app., just for reference.
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I’m having the exact same issue. Was working fine, now greyed out. All up to date.
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Which platform are folks seeing it work/not work on? Bug could be specific to platform type.
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I have the same problem... anyone has a solution?