Sonos crontrol via Wifi Stopped after Linksys Velop system installed.

  • 26 May 2018
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I have enjoyed my Sonos system for over a year. I have the Play Bar, Sub and 2 PLAY:1s in my TV Room and several other PLAY:1's throughout the house along with a PLAY:3 that I take outside when needed. All worked well from my wired PC to iPads,iPods, and my phone. As soon as I upgraded to a Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi network, access to the Sonos system via any Wifi devices stopped. I can still control the system through my wired PC and windows.

I'm guessing my Sonos stayed on the wired network and my Wifi is on it's own now. The only items I find on the Velop nework are my tablets & wifi connected laptops.

Any thoughts as to how to gain wireless control access to my functioning Sonos system? Thanks.

Best answer by ratty 26 May 2018, 16:29

Put the Velop into bridge mode.
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3 replies

Put the Velop into bridge mode.
Thanks. I'll give that a try.
Worked like a champ! Thanks!