Sonos crashes Google chrome

  • 16 February 2017
  • 12 replies

Every time I launch Chrome with Sonos playing music from Windows controller it crashes. Can't get Chrome back until I reboot. What's going on?

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12 replies

Which version of Windows? What security software is installed?

To be clear you can reproduce every time by:
- starting the Sonos controller
- starting Chrome

Have you checked the Windows event log to see if that offers any clues?
Yes, that is correct. Windows 7. Event shower says....

The program Sonos.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: 17d8
Start Time: 01d287ec48e8dfa5
Termination Time: 60000
Application Path: A:\SONOS\Sonos.exe
Report Id: a3c371e1-f3ef-11e6-bd2e-de1cce68159e
"A:\SONOS\Sonos.exe" ? That isn't a standard install.
Correct... It's not standard. Shouldn't matter where I store my program files. Doesn't for any other programs...
The installation even politely asks you where to Install.
Any intrusion protection security software which could be affecting the OS?
It's clutching at straws but what happens if you uninstall and then install in the default location?

What is A: anyhow?
Haven't tried default location but will. I don't use firewall or Anti-Virus. And only crashes when I'm using Google Chrome simultaneously.
A is a striped drive of 1TB Hitachi's.
Do both Sonos and Chrome crash/hang? And do either of them work again, before the reboot?
Both don't work until reboot. Can't even end the Sonos process. I can end the Chrome process in Tsk Mgr but either way it will not run after they both crash.
Strange interaction. Process Explorer might be able to kill the sonos.exe process. Anyway, unless the installation location is a factor you'll have to talk to Sonos Support. It would perhaps be useful to submit a diagnostic from the Windows controller (whilst it's working obviously) and post the number.
Thanks for the tips. I'll be bothering Sonos very soon 🙂