Sonos Controller was reset by accident

  • 17 February 2017
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I guess my daughter reset my controller by accident and I no longer see any of my speakers in the app. I try to add the playbar, sub, etc but they are are not discoverable. How should I proceed?

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5 replies

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Hi dguyadeen,

Welcome to the Sonos community.

I cannot tell you exactly what to do but someone will shortly. I can tell you this DO NOT touch your speakers as it is only that one controller not working, use another one for now. Try to uninstall the app and forget you wireless network. Once you have the app back click on "join existing system"

You can have as many controllers as you want as they are only remotes the speakers do all the work. I have lots of "controllers" around the house.
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Ok I just deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone, As long as you click on join existing system is should work.
A reset controller should behave just like a freshly installed controller. It should ask whether you want to set up a new system or join the existing one. It's curious that the OP's accidentally reset controller didn't do so, which makes me suspect that...

If the daughter went ahead and set up a new system of just her player then the other players won't be visible. In that case, factory reset just the daughter's player. Reset the controller (again), and join it to an 'existing system'. Then add the daughter's player back.
One other thing to check is the SSID of the WiFi connection. If you have a dual band router and are running in "Standard setup" (aka WiFi only mode), most dual band routers will not forward from one WiFi band to the other. This means if your daughter's phone dropped the 2.4 GHz SSID and connected to the 5 GHZ SSID, connecting to Sonos would be impossible.

If this is the case, "forget" the WiFi connection on her device and reconnect to the 2.4 GHz SSID.

Note: To prevent this (and to allow your devices to connect to either band), consider using "Boost setup" (Sonosnet mode) by wiring one of your Sonos units to the router/network via Ethernet. If there is no Ethernet connection within reach of a unit, a Boost can be purchased and connected to the router; it is specifically made for this purpose.
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A great place to start is also to see what Sonos devices are showing on your network. If you know how to check the device list on the router, that's a great place to check. See what's listed there.

As others have suggested, it's possible that the household was split up into 2 systems. Also, it could just be an issue with the network you're connected to.

By chance do you have any other Sonos controllers that can see any combination of devices other than hers?

Another route to take, wire one of your Sonos players into the network temporarily and see if you can connect to an existing system that way.