Sonos Controller Update Failed. An Unexpected Error Occurred. Please Try Again

  • 12 April 2018
  • 6 replies

I get the above error message every time I try to update the Sonos Controller on my MacBook. Update works fine on my phone. This has happened for the last 3 or 4 Sonos updates I have tried to install. My only solution is to delete and then reinstall the Sonos Controller software. Why is this happening?

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6 replies

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Hi, Bart. Please try uninstalling the controller altogether, then download it again. If this does not work, following an occurrence of this issue, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause for you. Lastly, what version of OSX is on your computer? Many thanks in advance.
Hi Edward
Diagnostic submitted. Your confirmation number is: 207610702.
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E199)
I will do the reinstall now as this fixes the issue in having the latest version of the Sonos Controller, but when you next roll out an update, I have to to go through the same thing again
I too am struggling with the update on the computer, ... not my iPhone. Its telling me that I'm not authorized to install Sonos. Its also not accepting the password. But its working on other devices. Is this the same trouble you were having? Is this the problem that the reinstall solves? Thanks. Mark
Hi Mark. No, my issue is when I see the Sonos update in the controller I click on it to install and every time I get 'Sonos Controller Update Failed. An Unexpected Error Occurred. Please Try Again'. I then have to delete and reinstall the software which gives me the latest updated version of the controller. Annoying. No login issues.
Mark, that is my issue, as well. I get the same "not authorized to install Sonos" but I can lob into my account on their site.
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Bart_Gunn: I can absolutely understand the annoyance of having to delete and reinstall Sonos for every update. Might I suggest the next time this happens, to give our support technicians a call? They are able to collect a little more information and potentially set up a remote session to get to the bottom of this.

markclagrange & kikifenog: What type of computer are you using? Normally when installing a program on a Mac, your login password is used for authorization. That being said, the password should be your login password for your computer (when you turn it on), not your Sonos account password.