Sonos Controller not showing All Artists

  • 14 January 2017
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Hi I am having this weird issue. It looks like a metadata issue. Some artists won't show up under "Artists" in the Sonos app, but the songs will show under "songs". In the Apple Music app, everything looks normal. I am talking about DRM free music that resides on the phone itself and not in the Cloud.

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5 replies

Check your tags. Using MP3Tag, you can open the album, select all the tracks, and verify the artist is who it says it is. Probably mistagged. Reindex after you fix it.
I am pretty maniacal with my tags 😃 (I have a long history in Radio Station Management and software automation was my job). that said, I triple checked with 3 utilities (both on Mac and windows/parallels) and they all confirmed all my files are perfectly tagged: Artist, Album Artists, Albumartistsort are all good. I checked tag v1 and v2.3 and they all match. I don't know how to reindex, i don't think there is an option to reindex the iphone library (again, I am talking about files that reside on my phone). Puzzled!
EUREKA!!! Buried deep down...the "Song is part of a Compilation" damn tag! Reset that to "no" and everything works in Sonos. But interesting that Sonos actually may detect that tag while most modern software doesn't care for any of what its purposes were (eg crossfading songs during playout)
The reindex on the iPhone is under the menu button in the upper left. Click it and scroll all the way to the bottom to settings. Then click manage music library.
Noted, but that command re-indexes the music library set in the preferences (I had tried doing that before figuring out what the issue was and clearly that was not the solution...), not the iphone-resident library. But thanks for suggesting BCM! That said, as I said above that was not the issue anyway. The issue was an hidden file-tag that forced albums to go under "compilation" even though Artist and Albumartist tags were correct. Hopefully this helps some other folks I have seen having same issue.