Sonos Controller for OG Kindle Fire

  • 29 November 2017
  • 1 reply

I have an original Kindle Fire, on which I store all of my holiday music. For the past 4 years, I've been able to use the Sonos app on the Fire to successfully play my stored music. The Fire is one of several devices (2 iphones and an ipad) that I use to control my Sonos network.

This holiday season, when I dusted off the Fire, I was asked to update the software (not unusual on any of my devices). I was unable to do so, and continue to get an error message stating that my device is not compatible with the Sonos app available in the Amazon store.

Did something happen since last Christmas that changed the viability of my Fire as a controller? Do I have any options, other than moving my music to the ipad and relegating the Fire to just a reader?

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1 reply

OK, I'm not a Fire user, but I think I can help. There's a couple of things involved in your question, First, the thing that's changed is the app. When you updated it, it now requires a higher level of OS then what you may have on your FIre. Here's the FAQ on that: Supported OS

The place where I fall down is knowing how to play music from that device. If the Sonos system recognizes it as a network location (like an NAS), then it should continue to play without any changes. However, if you were using the "play from this mobile device", you may be out of luck, unless theres some way you can update the OS on it so that it will run the latest controller app.

But I'm guessing you've tried that, and at this point, I'd say you may end up transferring the music somewhere else. I'd recommend an NAS, which would somewhat insulate you from ongoing changes to the software. Not completely, unfortunately.