sonos controller failed to install

I have disabled firewall and antivirus but no matter what I do, the update will not install on windows pc running win7?

Any pointers? I have reset controller to no avail?


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Are you trying to do a regular update to the latest version? Are there any error messages?

You could try removing the DCR entirely via Control Panel then downloading afresh from
thanks Ratty, just tried that and now get error 1305 reading from file.
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Just did a quick search in the forum, and it seems you had a similar problem this summer. Resolved with the help of US support. Do you remember what they did? Possibly something you can do yourself with a cleanup/deletion of the programfolder where Sonos is located?
You could try the cleanups described in

I would suggest an uninstall, a reboot, following the directions in that thread, then a fresh install.
thanks, just tried that. followed the links, deleted everything tried to install again but still getting the same error. will have to get in touch with support.
Moved the sonos msi exe to desktop and it installed? Sonos did not know why?

Thanks for your help guys


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