Sonos Controller Alarm-Setting not shown in Kindle App

  • 22 May 2020
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For a few days now, I've been seeing more of the alarm settings in the Sonos Controller app. I use the app on a Kindle.
The IOS Sonos Controller app shows the correct alarm clock settings.
What is the problem?

Sonos App Info: 10.6.2
Build: 54273060
Version: 11.1 (Build: 56076060)

1 reply

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Hello @tg66 and thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community.

I would like to ask what is the version of the operating system that your Kindle is on. I want to let you know that Sonos is running version 11.1 so you may have to update the app or the Kindle. If you are not able to then the Kindle may be out of date.

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