Sonos Connectivity

  • 30 October 2016
  • 1 reply

My bridge intermittently drops out. I have to power it down and then it connects again. Should I replace it with a Boost?

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1 reply

After the BRIDGE has rebooted does the music then play okay?

If it's occasionally losing a connection the BRIDGE power supply could be starting to fail. A test with a meter, if you have one, should read 5.1V or more for a healthy PSU. Alternatively substitute a player for the BRIDGE as a test and see if the problems go away. Replacing a BRIDGE power supply is cheap, though you may have to search 'Sonos bridge psu' on Amazon for a compatible one.

If the problem isn't with the BRIDGE itself you could have wireless issues. Before buying a BOOST you might want to submit a diagnostic and post the number here for Sonos Support to study and advise.

BTW your wired Sonos component should be positioned at least 0.5m from the router, and SonosNet should be spaced at least 5 channels away from your router's WiFi.