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Hey All -

I have a hottub that has built in bluetooth speakers. I am wondering if anyone has tried using a Sonos Connect with a Bluetooth transmitter to send the Sonos to bluetooth speakers.

If so I would love to know what bluetooth transmitter you used and if there are any tips/tricks.



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You could also hook a transmitter to a Play:5 headphone output.
I have the exact same question. What Bluetooth transmitter. I also have a sonos connect I could use to send output and create a separate zone for hot tub
Nickcbass wrote:

What Bluetooth transmitter.

Without wishing to be facetious it'll be one that works with your Bluetooth speakers. Anything with an audio input will take a feed from the CONNECT.

There are various audio profiles for Bluetooth so presumably you'd want a transmitter which offered the best available quality.
Thanks. As it tirns out there was 2 female stereo RCA plugs inside the tub that were connected to the back of the face plate for a 3.5 mm input. I just connected the sonos connect to them. No bluetooth required.
Cooooooool! And, I guess, warm...
Lucky actually - the tub has a Bluetooth receiver, but also a 3.5mm input in the front panel. Deep inside the insulation pads where the electrical is, it has a powered amp/sub with Stereo inputs for that 3.5mm jack. I just ran the connect to those inputs on the amp and disabled the 3.5mm jack


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