Sonos Connect, Sony Sound Bar, Play 1 Rear Speakers

  • 8 December 2016
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Hi all,

Firstly, deepest apologies for posting a subject which has probably been covered a million times, but here we go...

I currently have two 'ecosystems' - I have a pair of Sonos Play 1 speakers used exclusively for music.

I also have a Sony Bravia TV with a Sony soundbar + sub - the sound bar is attached to the TV via an optical cable (formerly it was HDMI - not sure why I swapped)

Neither system interacts with each other.

If I was to purchase a Sonos Connect, can I move the two Sonos 1s to rear speakers and use the existing soundbar as a 'front' speaker?

The Sony soundbar only has 1x optical port, but 4 HDMI ports. Obvs the optical port is being used at the moment.

Should I reconnect the HDMI port from the soundbar to the TV thus freeing the optical port which would allow me to connect the Sonos Connect?

I know all this is possible, but just need some guidance, please.

Thank you in advance.


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6 replies

No, I don't believe so. The Sonos Connect does not have the capability to interpret the data stream to derive the "surround" part of the stream. It only handles stereo. If I were to guess as to why, it would be their desire to market the Playbar :)

Now, I think you could connect a "rear/surround" stream to the Connect, but there would be a delay induced, so that things wouldn't synchronize properly between the front speaker and the surrounds, in a way that would like be jarring. If you already owned the Connect, I'd suggest trying it to see, but it is hard to recommend the expense for just a test, especially one that I expect failure from. I guess with Sonos' return policy, it might be worth it?

At the end of the day, in order to do any significant installation of a home theater, getting a Playbar is the desired path. Then you could connect the Play:1s as surrounds quite easily.

Sorry to not be as helpful as you'd like.
I would if anything be even less optimistic than @Airgetlam about achieving anything worthwhile in this way, I am afraid. The Connect has no role even in a Sonos home theatre set up.
I have to admit to being extremely pessimistic about it as well, John B. The only way I could conceive of it actually being a potential was connecting the "surround" signals from the receiver to the input to the Connect, although it would have to be on a set volume and not variable. Although maybe you could adjust the line-in volume to compensate?

In any case it's a huge stretch. And not something I'd recommend by a long shot. But I didn't want to just say "no" and move along.
It's a soundbar not a receiver. I don't think there is a surround signal to send and it would never sync if there is. I think "forget it, you'll die in the attempt" is the kindest advice.
Ah, good point, I was thinking of a receiver like the setup I had before I went to Sonos. And I don't have a clue as to how a Sony sound bar distributes data to rear speakers.

My apologies for drifting off topic.
Dang....Playbar it is then...£££