Sonos Connect pulsing white light in front, all Eth LEDs blinking in back

  • 2 December 2018
  • 14 replies

I have 2 Sonos Connects running in my house which I always used in sync. For the last few weeks they have been acting extremely unstable, constantly disappearing from the app. Today one of them completely stopped appearing in the app. The white light in the front is pulsing (I say pulsing and not blinking because it never truly goes out, it pulses from dim to bright). The green and amber LEDs above the Ethernet ports are all blinking, and there is a static sound coming through the speakers in sync with the blinking Ethernet LEDs. Now that this unit is not connecting at all, the other Connect in my house appears to be working perfectly again.

I have tried factory resetting the non-working Connect, it does not seem to register at all that any buttons are being pressed, it just continues the behavior I describe indefinitely. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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14 replies

Me too, same issue. The Sonos connect is a brick. Less than a year old, used four times
Hi, have you had any joy? I’m experiencing the same issues and can’t find a resolution yet.
Simon, I took pictures and videos of it and worked with Sonos customer service on twitter via Direct Message. Because it was less than a year old, they sent a replacement unit.
Hello All, I also experienced the same with my Connect this week. 2 nights ago, it simply stopped working, no obvious reason. All the possible fixes failed, power, internet router reset, etc. As soon as the small Connect box has power, the 4 ethernet port lights on the back of the box blink constantly, and the unit is completely unresponsive. Also to attempts to reset to factory settings using various button combinations on the front of the box has failed. Any ideas?
I've responded in the other thread you started.
Same issue with my unit - from 3 days ago
Same issue - at least for a month
Same issue here. The front light flashes on for 18 seconds, then blinks twice, then repeats. During the 18 second period the light stays on but flickers at various degrees of intensity. The network port lights also cycle every 10 seconds between a strong flash and a quick flash. Unit not found by app so unable to pull any diagnostics. Same result in multiple different settings and locations. Unit is about two years old. So, I guess I just bought myself a $500 brick. Thanks Sonos. I install a/v systems and this is for a physician customer of mine. Now we have to decide whether to move to a more reliable platform.
Have any of you contacted Sonos Support to discuss it?

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.
Exactly the same issue here (front LED pulses and network LEDs blinking constantly). I have been able to get it back couple times by unplugging all cables and waiting for few days. So it looks like a component failure in the unit, but not 100% sure as I haven’t disassembled it.

I contacted Sonos support and they only offered a replacement, but it would cost 279 euros. I’m not going to pay that much to get another unit that might end up with the same issue. Instead I’m switching to another brand with less issues.
My ZP90 also, tried resetting, disconnect cables etc, been reliable for years, just waiting to hear back from Sonos, they are checking warranty (well out). Obviously broken, but what next, buy a replacement or look at something else, any ideas on what could be used to do the same job, Nas drive full of music doing nothing 😳
Update, Sonos offering refurbished model with 2 years warranty for £249 as long as old model returned
It seems that my Connect lasts 5 days until it goes offline and all LEDs start flickering. Based on multiple topics here and elsewhere the product is not made to last. I would recommend to buy something else.

I’m moving to Control4. It’s not 1:1 replacement, but it’s even better for me as I will integrate it to my home automation system.
After a few more factory reset attempts today we are now working, white light out, all seems good, fortunately I didn’t take Sonos up in their offer of a refurbished model. Let see how long things last.