SONOS Connect not connecting (Not CONNECT AMP the non-AMP one)

  • 27 May 2017
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Currently I have SONOS Boost, Connect (output to my home theater) and 2x PLAY5s (Gen1). The Play 5s work great. The CONNECT cuts out more than in. I tried everything suggested on the site, changing the wifi channel, turning off other devices that may cause interference, moving the CONNECT away from other devices. I'm at a loss. Truth is before I went through the labor of a total set up I did a quick plug in to make sure it will all work together and it did, the connect broadcast to the home theater was perfect. After setting everything up it became joggy. Many hours wasted trying to figure this out. I purchased a Bridge and 2 Play 5s when Sonos first came out so I'm not a Newbie. HELP!!

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2 replies

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Any chance you could run an Ethernet connection to your Connect?
Hi Stanley_4. I don't know why but I woke up this morning and it's working. It is the weekend so maybe a neighbor turned off their appliance that is causing interference... Who knows. I will repost if it comes back.