Sonos Connect & Netgear Orbi trouble

I have a Sonos Connect connected with Ethernet cable to the Orbi Satellite, and it feeds audio into an amplifier that powers non-Sonos speakers. I also have 10 additional Play:1's throughout my home. I also have a Sonos Boost.

Typically I stream audio from Apple Music. Usually this works fine throughout the 10 Play:1's, although sometimes they'll cut out for a few seconds here and there. But, the Sonos Connect keeps cutting out and then needs to be unplugged and plugged back in and whatnot to get working again. When this happens it creates a loud static sound occasionally through the amplifier's non-Sonos speakers. I had assumed it was a channel conflict but the same thing happens on channels 1/6/11, and I also tried changing the channels for the Orbi but that made no difference.

Help! Please!

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Hi MarkusRain, welcome to the community. You have done some troubleshooting already. Before we continue I'd like to have a deeper look into your system. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic and replying with the confirmation number? Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic
Hi Max,

My confirmation number is 280865690. Currently, the Connect is connected and its white light is solid, but the system is no longer finding it (it has cut out like it always does).

If you need another diagnostic submitted when it is in the working state, let me know.

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MarkusRain, we would like you to try a factory reset on your CONNECT and add it back into your system using the "add a player or SUB" menu. Here's how to Factory Reset
A note to our users: Please do not perform a Factory Reset unless expressly advised by a Sonos representative.
Hi Miles,

Thanks for your suggestion. I did the factory reset, and then added the Connect back to the system. Seconds after adding the Connect again, I heard that loud crackle sound through the non-Sonos speakers, and then the system kept failing to register the Connect. I saw it listed in the Rooms, but was not able to play any audio out of it--and then it disappeared from the Rooms.

Any other ideas?
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Sounds to me like an IP address conflict. Go into the Orbi and assign it a new fixed ip address (I would do that for all your Sonos speakers).
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Shutdown all ORBI stuff. Install Sonos with a wired bridge or boost, so do not use WIFI sharing. Start up ORBI stuff. Sonos and ORBI are no friends
I've returned.

As was suggested above, I assigned static IP numbers to all the Sonos components (numbers *.201 to *.212), and that seemed to work fine for the longest time. However, that recent update that was just pushed out (9.0) has caused the problem to recur and I just cannot get it to work.

Again, the speakers attached to the Connect suddenly cut out and there will be an occasional loud crackle. The Connect disappears from the Sonos app. The LED on it either blinks white, or turns bright white. If I factory reset it, it often will not fully finish the factory reset (it will flash amber/white a few times, and then repeat the aforementioned behaviour). However, SOMETIMES it will go through the full factory reset, flash green, and then allow me to try to add it to the network--at that point, sometimes I can fully add it, and other times it will abort and instead repeat the mentioned behaviour. If I'm able to actually add it back to the network, it may work for a few minutes and play music, before cutting out and again repeating the aforementioned behaviour. The rest of my Sonos network is stable, although sometimes groups of speakers cut out for a few seconds every now and then but then resume.

How can I fix this?
Anyone? I'd really like to get this working again. It's quite frustrating.
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Time to call Sonos phone support, they have the best tools to diagnose problems and seem to also be the best route to getting something failing replaced. Give them a shot on Monday, they may be a bit busy because of the Beam and the update. If you call early in their day you may get offered a call-back option to save you hanging on hold for so long.
Hah. I'm a busy physician and finding that sort of time all in one evening isn't easy--and when I have it, I don't want to spend it on the phone talking to support!

I have a Boost connected and I wonder if that being connected somehow interferes with the hardwired ethernet connection the Connect uses. When I disconnect the Boost however the entire Sonos network disappears. Is there a way to preserve the network in the app so I don't have to set up all 10 speakers all over again without using the Boost?

The following is the only way I could sort it out, and only in this order:

- I removed the Boost & the Connect, thus forcing the 10 Sonos speakers to utilize the router's wireless network.
- I added the Connect using a wired connection (at the Orbi Satellite)
- I quickly disabled the wireless card on the Connect (before the above nonsense could occur)
- I then added the Boost back (at the main Orbi router), thus restoring the SonosNet

I tried many other variations of the above. Only that exact order would work. Based on that, is anyone able to identify what the problem could possibly be? I mean, it's working fine now, but I had to disable the wireless card on the Connect.
Well the same thing happened when I updated Sonos from 9.1 to 9.2. I heard a loud crackle through the speakers connected to the Sonos Connect, and then it got stuck on the 3rd step (can't remember the description of that step currently but it's something along the lines of "finishing things up"), and eventually told me I'd have to try again. When I tried to update again, it told me it was already updated. The Sonos Connect again dropped off my network, and the speakers connected to it would occasionally make a loud crackle sound until I just unplugged the Connect.

I haven't had time to try my aforementioned fix yet.

Why does this keep happening? How can I stop this from happening? As a reminder, this last happened when I updated to Sonos 9.0. The update from 9.0 to 9.1 worked fine.
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Since you are using the Boost as a wired device that is putting your system (or some of it) into Boost mode, in that mode you should have your WiFi credentials removed to insure the system doesn't shift to mixed mode. Check your WiFi setup menu and if it has a remove/reset WiFi option click that, if it doesn't appear then your WiFi info is already clear.

The FAQ is good on standard and boost modes and choosing between them, with a complex WiFi setup I really think you want Boost Mode and your Sonos gear, music library and controllers all on the same network segment. There are other options but they are more complicated and I can't give you the details as I abandoned them before fully understanding the setups.