Sonos Connect Line Out Doubt

  • 6 May 2017
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Hi there,

Direct to the point. Iam wondering how it is used (for what) the Sonos Connect analog audio line out input?...I have my home theater connected to the Line In analog audio line in input so to be part of my sonos audio system, but I really don't know how can take advantage of the line out input?....What is for?. Also I see additional audio inputs like optical and coaxial and I was wondering if you can connect other devices to those inputs at the same time and use them all, as part of the Sonos system. At the end of the day I'm looking for advise on how to take advantage of my Sonos connect that is sitting in my living room with almost no use. Thanks for your help guys.

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9 replies

CONNECT's primary purpose is to drive existing amplification plus speakers. You would wire it to a conventional amplifier, receiver or powered speakers. Output can be analog or digital. (They're outputs not inputs.) All outputs are active simultaneously.

The Line-In is a secondary function.
Thanks Ratty for your reply. That means if I'm using the line in to connect my Hone Theater I'm doing it the wrong way?. Still works for me.
Of course it's not 'wrong'. It's just not CONNECT's primary purpose in life.
Again thanks my friend. Since I'm still not clear, then what is the purpose or secondary function of the line in input?.
The Line-In's purpose is to be, well, a Line-In for taking a signal from other equipment.

My point was that a CONNECT's main role is to send audio data -- from wherever Sonos chooses to stream it -- to other equipment.
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If you have a Connect you have more/different options than on the Connect Amp.

The Connect Amp only has 2 (R & L) analog audio inputs and a low-level Sub-woofer output.

The Connect (no amp) has the same analog audio inputs but also offers two additional digital audio outputs, TOS and Coax.

Line in info:

I can't find the info for the Tos or Coax outputs for some reason but if you have any luck your receiver will recognize them and automatically adjust to use them. I prefer the Tos to using the analog myself.
I can't find the info for the Tos or Coax outputs for some reason
They're standard S/PDIF. There's nothing more to add.
How to use inputs and outputs? Here’s what I’m doing. Three Connect Amps powering speakers in the Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Back Patio. One Connect connected to Living Room home theatre amp with second zone, Garage. So, five zones in my house.

I want to use Apple AirPlay to play Audio (music, YouTube, News, Audio Books, anything) in any two zones without phasing (imbalanced audio between rooms). From iPhone I airplay music to my AirPort Base Station. ABS has a 3.5mm aux audio spit to two RCA L/R wires which are plugged into the Connect.’s INPUT.

I have the Connect Fiber optic OUTPUT plugged into my Marantz Home Theatre amp in DVD in.

I am about to have the Connect Analog OUTPUT also plugged int my Marantz Home Theatre amp, but to the CD-R. The Marantz won’t allow digital audio in to be routed to the second zone hence why I’m using the Analog output too. Yes, I could just use the Analog output singularly, but I don’t want to if I don’t have to.

My goal is have AirPlay audio routed to two or more zones anywhere in my house with perfect synchronization and no impbalnced phasing. If the Sonos Connect doesn’t play Fiber out AND analog out simultaneously this won’t work, and I’ll just use the Analog OUTPUT only.

I hope this explains for someone above the Connect Input/Output use case in a real world scenario.
Finished as described above.

1: Airport 3.5mm out to RCA INPUT on Connect.
2. Connect Digital OUT to Marantz DVD digital IN.
3. Connect Analog OUT to Marantz CD-R analog IN.

Airplay is now in Sync in all five zones using Sonos. Good times...