Sonos connect doesnt work with my turntable

  • 12 January 2017
  • 4 replies

I have two sonos 1 speakers and i bought a denon dp300f turntable.
To play the record through my sonos speakers (2x sonos 1) i bought the sonos connect.

I put the cables from my turntable in the connect but i only hear the music coming from the pre amplifier in the turntable but not from my speakers...

I have really no idea what the problem can be....

Any help is highly appreciated !

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4 replies

What's your connection between the preamp and the Connect? Have you double checked that the cables are going to Audio In (closer to the power cord) as opposed to Audio out? Have you looked at the volume in settings in the Sonos App?
I have a red and white cable coming out of my turntable. I have put them in the Audio in, on my sonos connect.
The volume settings are on "fixed". Now i can hear the music playing but very softly...

could it be the phono equalizer in mij turntable that needs to be put on or off?

Or do I need the connect AMP?
If the music is playing softly, more than likely you are not playing through the pre-amp. There is an 'Equalizer' switch on that model that switches the pre-amp on or off. You need to switch it to 'On' for use with Sonos. It is not clear from the (as usual) indecipherable Denon manual, but the switch looks to be under the turntable assembly.

If this is not the case, you may need to increase the volume on the Line-in connection. You can do this via Settings->Rooms Settings->(Connect room name)->Line-In.
Yes it works now!

Only the next problem is that the connection sounds very bad it jams every few seconds. Even if i use the cable for internet instead of wifi.

I dont think the sonos boost will fix this right ?

I feel like a retard with al my questions haha