Sonos connect amp

  • 8 January 2017
  • 6 replies

I have a sonos connect amp that is wired to my receiver and use it to play my outdoor speakers. I would like to be able to play music on my indoor speakers without it playing outside. Is there an AB switch I can use that would let me play one set of speakers without the other?

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6 replies

Id like to know this too!
Sure, it's called an A/B speaker switch. Available on Amazon in almost any configuration or type (wall mounts, remote controlled, etc.) you wish.
What about Ohms etc.... I just posted this question which may help the above poster as I've seen things about ohms being the same? I have no idea of the technical side of all this and don't really know what it means - just want to make sure I buy the right equipment!
@lou1147. I am sure it is just inexperience, but it is considered bad form to double post, despite your explanation, I think you will get more help on here if you delete the text from your post on this thread. And it will all be in one place.
No problem - will see if I can delete. Was my first post. I do still think that my first question is relevant though as I wasn't sure whether it was as simple as getting a switch.
WIth an A/B speaker switch the Ohm load doesn't matter. Only one pair will be powered at any one time, so the Ohm load will be for a single pair, which unless the speakers are extremely unusual, should be fine for all pairs. If it were an A/B/A+B switch, the speakers would have to be 8 Ohms, for a 4 Ohm overall load.