Sonos connect amp

  • 8 January 2017
  • 6 replies

I have a sonos connect amp that is wired to my receiver and use it to play my outdoor speakers. I would like to be able to play music on my indoor speakers without it playing outside. Is there an AB switch I can use that would let me play one set of speakers without the other?

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6 replies

WIth an A/B speaker switch the Ohm load doesn't matter. Only one pair will be powered at any one time, so the Ohm load will be for a single pair, which unless the speakers are extremely unusual, should be fine for all pairs. If it were an A/B/A+B switch, the speakers would have to be 8 Ohms, for a 4 Ohm overall load.
No problem - will see if I can delete. Was my first post. I do still think that my first question is relevant though as I wasn't sure whether it was as simple as getting a switch.
@lou1147. I am sure it is just inexperience, but it is considered bad form to double post, despite your explanation, I think you will get more help on here if you delete the text from your post on this thread. And it will all be in one place.
What about Ohms etc.... I just posted this question which may help the above poster as I've seen things about ohms being the same? I have no idea of the technical side of all this and don't really know what it means - just want to make sure I buy the right equipment!
Sure, it's called an A/B speaker switch. Available on Amazon in almost any configuration or type (wall mounts, remote controlled, etc.) you wish.
Id like to know this too!