sonos completely un-responsive

  • 3 May 2014
  • 1 reply

all of a sudden all my controllers are inoperative. Some say "unable to browse music" others are just non responsive. I have android, Iphone , mac & pc controllers.

1 reply

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Hi User773501,

It sounds like you're having connection or network latency on your system when trying to retrieve information. You could also be experiencing wireless interference on the system there causing things to have connection issues.

If your BRIDGE (or other wired Sonos component) is on top of your router please make sure to separate them by a foot or so. I'd also suggest checking the wireless channel on your system. If you can check your router's Wireless Settings, please make sure the channel there is a 5 or more lengths apart (try using one of 1, 6, or 11 for each).

If you're still having trouble can you please submit a diagnostic from your system and reply back with your confirmation number?



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