sonos cannot play spotify.

  • 17 November 2016
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Since yesterday cannot play spotify with sonos. Spotify account intact as can login through the spotify app.
submit support diagnostic 6755227

Edited By Max P: Added diagnostic.

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6 replies

Hello zwyeoh, welcome to our community, and thanks for posting the diagnostic number. The report is showing a timeout when Sonos is trying to connect to Spotify. Additionally, there is a large amount of wireless interference around the Reception zone, which may be the cause of this timeout. This link will outline common causes of this interference. One thing you can try is to move any electronic devices away from the Reception player reducing the interference.

Checked and we are with the BOOST setup. All are LAN connected i supposed. Tried resetting the wireless setting and nothing seems change. We have quite few area but all doesn't play Spotify. All other internet radio or list play just fine.
Tried reauthorise the Spotify account but still same error. Double click on Spotify list and it will load for like 10 second thus pop up with error.

Anymore clue to check on ? Spotify on the Mac App play just fine.
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I have a very similar issue. When I try to play a song from the Spotify app either on Mac or Android its plays 10 seconds and then disconnects from the Sonos device. Playing from the Sonos app works with no problem. This problem started one day or two ago. I installed the new beta but still have the problem.
Aware of there were updates installed recently. Can we have previous version of Sonos app so we can try on it to see if that is the problem ?
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There is no way to go back to previous versions (Unless you are on Beta in which case you can remove yourself from Beta and "Update" back to current release).

Your best bet is to keep working with Sonos support. So if you did what Manny S suggested then submit another diagnostic or give Sonos a call.
@Manny S.

Tried the steps in the link and the issue persists. Next step of troubleshooting ?