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  • 5 August 2014
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sonos beta download

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9 replies

ok, thx
Beta is for testing new releases. Beta is not for suggesting new features. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, search for it here, there is probably an existing thread (not much new ever gets suggested). If by chance there isn't an existing thread, start your own.
No public testing going on right now. It will be announced when the next one is out. Perhaps you don't understand what Beta tests are?
but that is beta team for, pretest and develop new version for public release, usually?

i'm on the beta team but have not seen anything that members could do for cause, can someone enlighten us?
There are no active public betas at this time.
just saw this tread but it's 2 months old, is it still valid. does beta team have closed format somewhere? I'm thinking we should....
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Do you know where we can follow up on the latest upcoming beta SW builds?
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Are you trying to obtain the Sonos Beta Program download? 

If you are, take a look at this link- it will walk you through joining the Beta Program and how to download the controller software.