Sonos Beam losing ARC connection with Philips TV

  • 2 December 2018
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SONOS setup:

Beam + 2 Play1s + boost connected to a 2018 Philips 55PUS6703 TV. That is one running the 'proprietary' Philips software, not Android TV. Both TV and Sonos are updated to the latest software. The Beam is connected to the ARC HDMI and works perfectly.

However, the beam is not found when switching the TV on - need to select audio out - and when looking at the TV settings it doesn't 'see' the TV. The way to fix this is to unplug all the other HDMI devices, turn the TV off for a minute or so, turn it back on and the TV will be recognised and is - according to the app - now connected.

That doesn't last. When switching between input devices (i.e. from Apple TV to digital decoder) or when turning the TV off and back on, the connection is lost and you will need to manually select audio out again. Sometimes you will find that the TV has magically selected the headphones as the output channel (no headphones attached) and sometimes it will still show HDMI sound system, but you have to deselect and reselect to get audio.

Easylink is enabled. I have tried multiple HDMI cables. My guess is that there is a software bug in the Philips system, so I am contacting them as well. I have 30 days to decide whether to keep this TV, so it would be great if anyone had a work around or a solution. Since I really want a Philips TV (ambilight), can anyone say if this problem is solved if moving to a full Android TV version?

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11 replies

I have what seems to be the same problem with my Vizio + Beam + Apple TV setup. If I turn on the TV (which turns on the Beam via ARC channel) then turn on the Apple TV it's all good, but If I turn on everything using the Apple TV remote the TV doesn't recognize the Beam.
Mine has started to work correctly now. I messed about for ages and updated the TV software, but the problem seemed to persist after that. One day it just worked!
Hi all
i have the same problem. Philips TV and sonos bar. I unplug and reconnect the hdmi cable every time I want to watch tv.
I have the same problem! has anyone found a solution? Something i noticed with mine is the volume on the TV speakers is changing with the TV remote while outputting through the Beam. Before the problem the TV remote just controlled the Beam volume level. Easy link is active and connection is to HDMI ARC.
Happening with Samsung too, apparently.
I still have issues with my Beam and Philips 50PUS6703. Fine when you get them working together but will fail almost always when the TV is turned off and on again. Sonos / Philips can you get together, work this issue out and provide the consumer with fixed software please.
I had exactly the same problem: was working fine with my new Philips TV and beam and then randomly stopped. Had to changing the TV audio out settings every time the TV was switched on to get the audio via the beam. Was driving me mad! Read lots online and spent ages playing with settings until I eventually found the solution... With it all working fine, switch the TV off, unplug the TV, then power up again. Now it's working like a dream once again. Hope that works for others too!
Same exact problem here, same setup. Someone has a solution?
I have the exact same problem and would like to hear if there is a fix for this issue? I will call Philips to get support as it is obvious that it is the tv that is causing the problem.

I have exactly the same setup and problem as you. My Philips 556703 is 10 days old and my beam is four months old. It was working great until today, then every time I turn off the TV, the Beam stops working. You now have to mess about with the HDMI audio settings on the TV to get audio out of the beam.

Has there been an update recently with the beam software that could cause this ? I feel its the beam over the TV as it was working great until now.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Henk - did you find a fix for this?