Sonos Beam audio cuts in 2-3 seconds after video begins

  • 28 January 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Apologies if this has been asked multiple times, I tried to look around but found no similar threads. I recently got the Sonos Beam and Sonos 1 5.1 surround system set. I am loving my Sonos and use it everyday, but I have been having a small frustration with the product. This isn’t a huge deal breaker but would definitely cure that small itch I have. Whenever I watch Netflix movies or shows, the first few seconds of the show would be muted and resume 2-3 seconds after the episode has started. This also sometimes apply when I unpause my shows half way through.

Is there a way to fix this issue? Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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2 replies

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Hi, Kevman. Welcome to the community. I'm not entirely sure what might cause that but do you have any other devices with the same type of output that you are using for the BEAM? This way we can see if it is the BEAM or the television. What model of television is it? I'll look it up and see if there's anything in the settings that can be amended. Thanks in advance.
I see the same thing happen with my playbar and Samsung TV. I haven't looked at the issue from all angles, but my assumption was that it happens because the playbar was currently 'focused' on a streaming music source that wasn't currently playing. The delay is caused by the playbar sensing audio coming from the optical connection and then auto switching, and possibly by the TV determining that it needs to send the audio through the optical port.

Again, I haven't looked at it from all angles, and have just sort of accepted it. If I were to do some testing, I'd see what happens if I manually switch the playbar to TV source before turning on the TV, and see if the delay is still present. If it's still there, I'd bet my Samsung is determining where to send the audio, and I can't really do much about it.