Sonos audio cuts in and out on some speakers

  • 30 June 2020
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HI there,


Audio on our sonos system is cutting in and out on some speakers - but only when the song changes. After playing for ~10 seconds it stabilizes. I’ve gotten a BOOST to try to improve the audio, however the issue persists. My diagnostic number is 1722356492. I have attached a screenshot of the network matrix, which doesn’t look too bad, but why are so many of the grey cells forwarding traffic?

2.4GHz is quite congested here, it looks like this at one end of the office, SonosNet is on ch1 and was running while doing this scan, hence the RF picked up on that channel:

and this at the other end:

Our APs are currently set to 5GHz only, so I can’t really control this interference - but I’m at a loss, as despite that the link quality from the boost in the matrix seems good.


I’m not sure if adding another boost would help anything, or even hinder, as the link quality to each speaker from the boost looks good. I’m not sure if it could be an STP issue, switching paths too often? Maybe I’d be better off disabling the boost and turning two of the APs to 2.4GHz? Really at a loss and tearing my hair out!


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4 replies

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The red backgrounds on the left are from too much RF noise near the Sonos. If you can locate the noise source(s) and move them a few feet away from the Sonos you should see an improvement. The Boost being red would have me starting there as it will help all the others communicate back to it if you can find it a quieter location.

More Boosts may not be needed, a Sonos device (except a Bridge or the oldest ZPs) will work almost as well if it is wired so you might look to just wiring one or more of them. I would not consider putting Sonos on your home WiFi, too many restrictions are imposed on it if you do for compatibility reasons.

I’m not an expert on the matrix but I’d think most of the forwarding is just housekeeping for the mesh. The yellow blocks shouldn’t be an issue, many folks have no problem even with orange ones.

Thanks for that. I have moved the Boost and changed the channel which has improved the matrix so now its background is green:

However, the behaviour has not really improved at all. The audio still cuts in and out across all the speakers, giving a crazy surround effect as it moves around the space! I have noticed that it only does this with Spotify and Google Play Music, but doesn’t with SONOS Radio.


Also, I just realised I forgot to add that we have 4 Play:1’s and 7 One SL’s. Could the combination of devices cause a problem?

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I’d suggest you wait for the problem to happen again and submit a diagnostic. You have to provide the number to Sonos support to have it looked at, phone support seems best but here should work.

There are a lot of possibilities for the problem, the combination of Sonos devices isn’t likely to be one. What is more usual is RF interference causing the Sonos to drop data. The diagnostic should let Sonos support see if that is the issue.

Overall the matrix looks pretty decent.

I have noticed a similar problem recently. (note, I have had Sonos speakers for years and never had this issue but I had never activated such a large and dispersed group either)

I noticed this situation happening more frequently as I grew the number of Sonos speakers activated together with their respective separation/distance from each other. 

if the cluster of speakers activated is fairly close (living room, dining room, kitchen) then there was no problem. if I activate additional speakers to the grouping above (addition of outside, garage, etc) then the greater separation/distance between speakers seems to contribute to the problem (speakers within the grouping would cut in/out, multiple cut in/out, the entire grouping in/out)

when I started removing speakers one at a time from the grouping based on distance, the problem for me went away. 


additional note, they are all running off the same wifi router/ap. is it possible to run different Sonos speakers off of different access points?