Sonos Arc & Samsung QA75QN700 disconnects eARC

  • 2 April 2022
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Got a Samsung QA75QN700 and Sonos Arc.  Randomally we either loose audio altogether or it keeps switching on and off.  On the TV u can see that audio automatically switches between Receiver (HDMI-ARC) and Receiver (HDMI-eARC).  When no audio its stuck on Receiver (HDMI-eARC).  Seems to have gotten worse in the last week, setting eARC off then back to auto use to fix the problem.  Been an issue right from the start.


No other devices plugged in. TV and Sonos running latest firmware.  Using Sonos suplied hdmi cable.  Power cycled TV and Sonos Arc. 


Any ideas on how to fix this. 


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3 replies

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Unfortunately, Samsung TVs with eARC are known to have connection issues with the Arc. Although not ideal, disabling eARC on the TV seems to fix the problem for most people. Since you aren’t using any external media devices that require eARC like an Apple TV 4K or Blu-ray player, you may not need to have eARC enabled. You can probably still get the best audio from the TV’s native streaming apps without eARC.

Here’s a thread with other Samsung users that have experienced eARC problems:

Thanks GS.  So all the apps on the TV like plex will passthrough HD, DTS, Atmos audio etc to the Sonos Arc?



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No the apps, like Netflix, only do DD+ (compressed Atmos) that can be transported by ARC, so you could turn off eARC and still get Atmos from apps. Plex can, I think, transcode DTS to DD(+).

By the way: Samsung does not do (or even pass through) DTS from external players.