Sonos Arc Makes Periodic Chirping Sound

  • 30 July 2020
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Hello All,

I purchased my Sonos Arc at launch. Everything was great (no issues) until about the last week or two. Suddenly, my Arc emits a periodic chirping sound every hour or so. The sound only lasts for about a second and happens whether the speaker is in use or not. I have done a power cycle on the Arc and checked for updates, but there has not been any change. I was asked by Sonos to record the sound, but it happens unexpectedly and briefly so I have no way of doing so.

The sound is similar to the beep when a smoke detector’s batteries are low (not as loud but similar in tone and pattern). Any insight or solutions? 

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8 replies

As a guess, it’s something being generated either by the TV, or possibly some sort of wifi interference. 

Does it continue if you unplug the HDMI cable? That would help determine if it may be a signal coming from the TV itself.

The other test would be to physically move the Arc away from your TV, and plug it in elsewhere, and see if the chirping continues.

If it continues in both tests, then it’s likely a hardware issue in the Arc. If it continues in only one of those two situations, it would be helpful to know, so there could be additional tracing that might be done. 

It continued in both instances.

Then I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of hearing this chirping sound, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, there are more options available beyond just the diagnostic analysis. 

Unfortunately it looks like nothing shows up on the diagnostic report. I’ve tried speaking to support, but they want me to send in a video of the sound. The issue is the sound happens sporadically and only lasts for a second, so I have no way of capturing it unless I set up a recording for an hour or so.

I’ll try calling support directly but chat has been less than helpful.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much the community can help you with, it’s down to Sonos at this point. 

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Hi @D Reux87 

I doubt it’s the Arc it’s most likely your TV.  If you search “TV makes chirping noise” you’ll find many articles that attribute the noise to a shorted diode or transistor that is loading down the SMPS (switch mode power supply).

I’m no electronics engineer so don’t ask me to explain the above statement. :relaxed:  Just another avenue for you to consider.  To test the theory remove the Arc and listen for the noise. Just be sure to set the audio to internal TV speakers.


I have the same issue, but only when the TV is the audio source.  I have replaced the TV twice, and it is still happening leaving me to believe it is either an issue with the Arc, or Amazon Eero.



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Hi @chris seider 

The TV is never the source. The source is whatever is connected to it, sent OTA or streamed. If you have replaced the TV twice I’m still leaning toward it or the source. You can submit a diagnostic and call Sonos for additional help.