Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

I was playing on my Xbox when the arc suddenly made an extremely loud pop sound and then lost audio completely. The app wouldn’t let me adjust the volume and Alexa wake up didn’t emit its usual tone. I had to remove the power from the arc and reapply which resumed the audio. I’m concerned that one of the speakers in the arc may have been damaged when this happened. Has anyone had this issue?

We have had no issues with the arc since purchasing it earlier this year.

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Hi @William_61 et al

We are aware of this behaviour and are investigating it, but we do not have any additional information to share on a resolution at this time. 

We are also aware of other manufacturer brands experiencing the same problem. Some users have reported it with in-built TV apps, so it is not limited to X-Box and Apple TV owners.

The issue only happens when playing Atmos content, so in the meantime, you can prevent this from happening by disabling Atmos audio on the TV or source device - not ideal, I know, but if it has happened to you before and you are concerned about it happening again, this step would prevent it.

I hope this helps.

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I have the same loud pop issue with Arc, Sub, AMP (for surround speakers), Sony TV X91J and Apple 4K (2nd Gen).   The loud pop only happens in Atmos mode.  If I set Apple TV to change format to Dolby 5.1 then the loud pop doesn’t happen.  I’m wondering if anyone has heard from Sonos regarding solutions or possible ETA for fix.

Not sure if it was this thread or another but someone mentioned that a fix was in the current beta builds, apparently.

Not sure if Sonos have confirmed the issue at all, but it’s clearly becoming more widespread. 😕


Yes I mentioned. When I logged a support call with Sonos they did the remote diagnostics thing and said they saw some ‘high frequencies on the atmos feed’ or something to that effect. I was told that there is a fix being tested now in beta firmware, but given no ETA on when to expect. So by that I took it as acknowledgement of the problem.

Would be nice to turn on Atmos on my xbox one series x again! Thankfully not had this happen for me on Apple TV 4K Atmos content… yet.


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Sure would be nice to hear an official statement from Sonos on this.  It’s the bare minimum that I would expect from such a high end audio product

We all know these boards are monitored, so the fact that people continue to have problems with so Sonos intervention or guidance is really sad.  The problem will not go away on its own

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Also experiencing this issue with my Apple TV. New OS came out for ATV and it’s still happening. Anyone have a fix for it aside from turning off atmos?

The official line from Sonos for its premier Dolby Atmos $900 Arc soundbar is to turn off Dolby Atmos. 

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Must admit a bit disappointed with this response. I don’t consider a loud electrical bang followed by complete audio loss a sound quality issue. I consider it a product failure.

just had the problem happen again.

In addition as an intermittent problem I am not sure how I am expected to film a one off failure event when I don’t know when it will happen and it happens over the course of a second. To clarify after the bang the unit is silent until power cycled.

Tried ringing support, on hold for ages, no reply so rang John lewis as I was within return period and have exchanged for a new unit. Not sure if this will help but clear Sonos themselves are not interested just like the audio drop out issue. 

Really disappointed with Sonos when it comes to the ARC as there are clearly issues that they are refusing to acknowledge as systemic faults with the product. The xbox issue and drop outs have numerous posts so clearly not an isolated problem. 
I will be contacting the review sites to make them aware of this new issue in addition to the audio drop out.

I still suspect a hardware issue that will/has been fixed with new units while they hope existing owners suffer or wait until out of exchange periods.


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I can now confirm that his problem is TV Independent.  I just had this problem on my new LG C1 whereas before I was experiencing it on the Sony X900h

I’m wondering if there any common denominator devices connected to the TV, such as the Xbox or Apple TV - I’ve seen those mentioned in some of the posts here and elsewhere online, with different Soundbars too, having this same issue?

There is, devices that use the Dolby MAT container for Atmos (Xbox, Apple TV and now Roku).   There was some debate before as to whether the TV passing through the MAT signal was doing it properly and since I’ve had failure with two different TVs now.  I’m more confident it has nothing to do with the TV passing through the signal but the signal itself


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Our two posts crossed - it makes me think perhaps there is an issue with the LPCM format with Atmos, but obviously that’s just a guess on my part, but it seems to be one of the common denominators whenever people report this popping sound. 

This has been my theory for a long time — between Apple TV, Xbox and Roku — it’s the common denominator: Dolby MAT.

The challenge may be, and I’m guessing here, that it’s not a Sonos issue at all, but something that’s being sent from the TV (although that may not be the origination point, I don’t know). If that’s the case, Sonos is merely playing what they’ve been told to play, and it’s the switching upstream by some other device that’s causing the issue. 

I do tend to agree with @jamie_shaw that the predominating factor in all of these, beyond Sonos itself, is a MAT container, which suggests the potential above. 

And if that is the case, Sonos is unlikely to call out publicly who the responsible party is, since they’re on the “we want to be friends with everyone so they’ll interface with our system” train.  

All I can say for sure is that I’ve not had this issue on my system, which is indeed driven by an Apple TV through a Vizio TV to a Sonos Arc. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all, just means that there’s something else going on, and it may not be an endemic issue with Sonos itself. 

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Hey, I read online disabling the auto HDR feature on the Xbox and switching audio delay to on with the arcana should stop this happening. I have an arcana too and this is what the engineers who make the arcana suggest on their discord 🙂 If you give this a go and let us know if it works that'd be brilliant. In the process of testing this myself 

Thanks for sharing that, @DC92. Has anyone been able to confirm that doing this has helped?

A couple of people on the discord said it’s not happened since, it hasn’t happened to myself either yet but very limited use. It’s not perfect scenario due to me having Arcana but the issue does occur with LG eARC tv’s commonly from what I’ve seen. I’ll keep the auto HDR feature turned off and then keep you posted on whether it happens again.

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Hi @Pahakissa 

We’re not aware of this issue happening on Beam, though it is related to Atmos. Therefore, we would appreciate it - if it ever happens again - if you could immediately submit a support diagnostic and later get in touch with our technical support team so we can document the occurrence. We’re also not aware of this issue causing any actual damage to the units it happens on.

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Not using the Sonos provided cable here – one of three pack of 48Gbps 8K Cable Matters HDMI leads.

Has been fine for the most part of a year, until mid-October.

Seems a majority of us are using Sony Bravia, and the X900H series. The Android 11 firmware was released not long before this October time frame… 🤔 

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I still stand by my Dolby MAT theory – it’s the only consistent point between Apple TV and Xbox Series X. 

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That certainly suggests to me that the issue is upstream from Sonos, either the TV not handling the stream properly, or the device feeding the TV sending a signal that the TV passes on to the outboard speakers. 

We have lots of reports of both Xbox and Apple TV being affected. And these are widespread devices from major manufacturers, so it might just be their popularity causing the reports. 

Likewise we have lots of reports from both Sony and LG TVs passing the signal. Again, major popular manufactures.

On the other hand, we only have reports of Sonos devices being affected. Granted, this is a Sonos forum. But nobody is linking to similar threads about other sound bars and any request for examples is avoided. 
The weight of the evidence is pointing at a solution having to come from Sonos. Yes, maybe the Atmos spec is somehow not being followed by the major content players and TVs, but even if (if!) that is the case, it’ll still be on Sonos to fix it in software if they want to keep selling devices. I know I have stopped buying further Sonos devices until my Arc can play Atmos. 

@LiL FiL,

I reckon that almost every report I have ever read about this ‘popping’ issue mentioned online in relation to Soundbar’s (not just Sonos ones, but others brands too) that somewhere in the HT setup, is either an XBox or an Apple TV-4K (or both) - those two connected products seem to be a common denominator and it’s certainly happening with other manufacturers Soundbars, if you look online. It makes me wonder if it’s not a Sonos-owned issue🤔??

It might also ‘perhaps’ explain why Sonos is not making any public comment about the issue, if it is partner-related.

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@DC92 When a case is escalated, it goes back in a queue which may take some time to clear to your position. The owner of your case was changed about 4 hours before you posted, to that of a senior technical support technician (I believe they take ownership of a few cases at the start of a day and work through them). Thank you for you patience so far, and I believe you’ll be contacted soon.

Ah that’s great thanks! I’ll keep an eye on my emails :)

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OK, sorry a lot to unpack.  Same thing happened to me with Apple TV on a Vizio OLED 65 inch.  Who do I call or what do I do.  My diagnostic was sent my confirmation is 1189733447.  This is a fairly expensive item to have this happen,  I have noticed I am limited to how load I can set the arc now before it goes down in volume and a orange light appears.  Also sound quality has taken a dive for sure.  Didn’t know if that has also been happening.  


Hi @thefelonattorney,


I’ve taken a look at your diagnostic, and combining that with the information in your post, I suspect your Arc is suffering from a hardware failure.

Please get in touch with our customer care team to explore the options available to you.

Make sure you give them this diagnostic number, as it shows the issue more clearly on your system: 1296489069

I’ve email the CEO Patrick Spence about this and one of the senior technicians is looking at it. I e sent them a video of the loud pop so hopefully will get somewhere with it. 

As above 


this just happened again  -

Loud bang - this time all audio was lost for 5 minutes after rebooting - 


LG tv 55 inch - 2019 

No response from Sonos yet


another diagnostic report submitted



Sonos please Advise




Hi @MartinStartin

You perhaps need to contact Sonos Support direct, as the Staff may not pick up everything here in the user community. Here is the LINK to contact/chat with them online. Hope you get the issue resolved soon.👍

I would certainly recommend that you use the link provided by Ken to contact Sonos directly.

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Just chiming in that the issue still keeps happening for me too, regularly, on Xbox and Apple TV. Sony 900H TV. 

Nothing has helped. Sonos support is giving me the same run around as the rest of you so I’ve stopped calling. Mission accomplished for them I suppose.


Asking for a recording. Pretending they are not aware of it being a widespread problem. Wanting me to establish if it happens with the Sonos music app (who cares?). Etc. 

This happened to me Friday while watching The morning show on Apple TV 4K.

If it happens again will do a diagnostic and ring them.

I only get the popping sound when the Arc is used with Dolby Atmos (Xbox series x and with windows 10 computer) both connected to an LG CX. If i choice stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 no pops with the computer. The problem is with the Arc or the cable that came with the Arc. 

Sonos, its time to address this issue. 

Well I am deeply disappointed in Sonos at this point.  The reply I got was simply that they know of the issue and it is not their fault so I should just disable Atmos.  If that's the case then I want them to update their Arc product page to say NOT COMPATIBLE WITH XBOX/APPLETV/ROKU.  I feel cheated right now and even though I know it most likely isn't ALL Sonos fault here, other manufacturers have seemed to push out firmware updates that fix Atmos issues with these devices. If nothing else it seems only the Sonos gives the loud BANG whereas other manufacturers just have crackles.

If Sonos are saying it’s not their fault - I can’t ever see them going onto make an announcement that it’s some other companies fault - that’s certainly not the way to build on a relationship between partner companies.

Sonos are doing the correct thing and saying nothing about whoever is responsible here, they’re simply just saying it’s not their issue. If changing the ‘other’ connected hardware solves the issue then maybe that helps to go some way to maybe confirm what Sonos says.

I can perhaps partly help on that point, as I don’t have an Xbox nor an Apple TV 4K, but I do have an Arc connected to an LG C9 TV together with a FireTV 4K and a Nvidia Shield (amongst other things) and I’ve not once experienced the popping or crackling issues mentioned in this thread. So maybe some inferences can be drawn from that fact 🤔?

They don’t have to say it is someone else’s fault, but just like when buying computer parts, there is a compatibility list as to what motherboard works with what processors.  AppleTV/Xbox etc are NOT some random Chinese “media box”, they are top tier mainstream products from the highest grossing companies in the world.  If the Arc doesn’t work with them, customers should be notified.  The fact that other companies that are “cheaper” had no issues pushing out a firmware fix to work around the issue tells me that Sonos is simply not trying to deal with the issue.

As a customer that spent thousands on this equipment, it is a slap in the face to be told that your main reason for buying an expensive new product needs to be disabled because they can’t fix it.

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@DC92 Hi, Be great to know any of the feedback you get via email in the end if that’s possible please, would certainly help with any next steps.👍

Hey, Not heard from Sonos just yet, saw my local currys had one in stock (where I bought it from) So I took it in for a replacement and the new one sounds miles better :) 

I’ll see what SONOS return with anyway and pop it in here when they eventually reply. I’ll ask them what they would’ve done had I not replaced it already too just so other people with this issue know how to proceed.



I reached out to Sonos support (by phone) as well. The tech did a lot of putting me on hold to talk to her level 2, but I never got to talk to that person myself. They seemed unaware of the issue. I mentioned this thread.

The main takeaway was that they said my diagnostics couldn’t be used because they were more than 24 hours old. I should call them immediately after the Pop happens. However, there was one useful piece of diagnostic advice. I haven’t had the pop since (yet), but perhaps one of you can try it.

After the pop, before resetting, while the Arc is still dropped out; open the Sonos app and play music from it. Does that work?

I have a Beam Gen 2 and have it connected to the eArc port on my TV and my Xbox is connected to an HDMI 2.0 port. It happens to me once every few days during several different circumstances and always seems to happen after switching media, but only after being on the new media for a few minutes.


This last time it happened I had just finished playing some Halo Infinite and switched to YouTube. After watching a video for 5 minutes the pop happened. Alexa wouldn't respond and there was no audio. I tried streaming Sonos radio from the app and it worked again, including alexa. It did not auto switch back to TV input, so I restarted my Xbox and everything worked again. All without powering off the beam, but a big hassle...