Sonos Arc keeps disconnecting from Samsung TV when turned off

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone could help me. I've recently purchased a Sonos Arc and installed it yesterday. I did this by simply connecting the arc to my TV via HDMI arc. It was a bit hit and miss when connecting to my Samsung JU6400 series TV. It seemed to have problems when connecting with the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). Eventually, I got it working.


However, after turning the television into standby mode (off), it disconnects from the Sonos arc and I have to reconnect it all over again.

Any ideas as to why its doing this and anyway in which I can fix it?


Thanks all,



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Sounds like a problem in the CEC layer of the TV. Have you checked the TV for firmware updates? Which particular Samsung is it? There’s several threads in the Home Theater area about the difficulty Samsung is having in tracing down the issue in their various TVs. I’ve seen a thread that talks about the Frame series, and a firmware update that hasn’t been released to all regions yet. Have you contacted Samsung to ask them about your issue?

You know I would maybe agree that it was the TV if it weren’t for the fact that I used to have another Sonos arc on this TV that never once had this issue. Also its the latest Samsung 8K so the features on it aren’t exactly low end either. This issue never happened a single time for the months that I had the last Sonos ARC. My wifi is flawless as well but again the only thing that changed since the last arc was the new one.

My Sonos Arc worked perfectly for 2 months. Since three weeks arc did no longer connect to tv. I still had the screen with the black and white figures but sound was no longer transferring. Got a notification in the app that speakers were no longer connected (hdmi issue) and the app proposed to solve the problem by reconnecting the speaker to the tv, which didn’t work. Only solution was to cut the power from the tv. This would make it possible to reconnect the tv to the soundbar. After half a day or so the connection would again be lost. Realised after two weeks that I had only made one change, I had connected my chromecast to a spare hdmi port of my tv. I have since pulled the chromecast from the tv and no longer have had any issues. I have no idea why but apparently the chromecast even though I was not using it, would interfere somehow with the tv-Sonos connection?!? Tv is an older mode Samsung.

Has there been any solution for this problem? My sonos arc constantly is losing connection to the hdmi arc and when try to repair it always fails. I’ve reset the tv settings multiple time, turned off auto tv auto play, unplugged/plugged the bar in. All sometimes worked but inconsistent. My tv is an LG OLED 65B6P

This has been reported and going on for 8 months.  How is this still an issue?  Is there a fix?   It’s absurd to have a system this expensive that I have to unplug twice a day.  It’s embarrassing.  

Hi. I am having the same problem with my Sonos arc & new Samsung Q95T tv. Everytime I turn off the TV the e-arc connection is lost and Sonos is not reconnectingeven though I have not changed any settings.


here is the diagnostic id 2103091104

and the second one after restarting TV 743416679

can you please help?


It’s always nice to post on the company message board about a problem and your frustrations with their expensive product and get ZERO response or feedback.  

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This is a community, user to user forum. Sonos staff presence can be a bit spotty.

For  Sonos support you need to call in or use other methods on the Contact page for your country.

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Hi @Rodspencer and @WhiskeyRowe,

Issues such as this can sometimes be down to other HDMI devices interfering with communication between the Arc and the TV - would it be possible to test if this is the case by seeing if you continue to have problems with only the Arc connected to the TV?

It may also be worth checking the CEC/Anynet + settings on your TV - if you have any settings relating to Power Sync/Auto Power Off, it may be worth disabling these also.

If you’re still having issues, however, then as mentioned by Stanley_4 I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team via either live chat or phone call, as they have more tools available, and will be able to perform some live troubleshooting with you.

Hey this just happened to me.  I replaced the Hdmi Cable and it worked this morning going to keep monitoring seems it's a defective HDMI cable

Prior to submission I had been watching TV all evening with perfect sound via Sonos. Please don't route me back to the tele call center as I already had troubleshootEd 10+ times and Spent 15+ hors including both Sonos and Samsung call centers, yet Not resolved and Sonos wouldn't take Responsibility to fix the Persistent issue which has been open since n year.

I then turned ONLY the TV off, after an idle time of about 2 hours, turned ON the TV to watch, Upon turning It, the ARC had lost its HDMI connection with the TV, no audio signal detected (even though nothing had changed in my system since a perfect connection, other than toggling the TV power off/on) . This is the persistent behaviour I am experiencing.


Working Diagnostic 1618812137 - Not working Diagnostic 121305903

My system status at point of submission was:

  • Samsung TV: ON, with volume unmuted at medium level

  • Samsung model number: UN50JS7000

  • Sonos connection used: HDMI ARC

  • HDMI connections: Chromecast, FireTV stick, Laptop, Sonos ARC 

Sonos system: ARC plus 2 x One (Gen 2), all ON, connected to TV via its HDMI-ARC output

Sonos App: Apple iOS: Running

Let me  Know What Additional Information  You Would Need To Get This Rectified.