Sonos/AppleTV Sound not working

  • 14 September 2019
  • 6 replies

I've suddenly lost sound through my Sonos speakers/playbar when using AppleTV. I've unplugged everything and even decided it was time to swap out my old AppleTV for the newest one. I then swapped out my HDMI cord as well. No sound.
I tried to watch something on Hulu through my AppleTV and there is no sound, but if I watch it through my smart TV app there IS sound. My Sonos is also streaming music and functioning just fine.

So, it's the connection with the AppleTV but I can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions?

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6 replies

Hi and thanks for the reply!

I have an a AppleTV HD (A1625), a sonos playbar and a Samsung TV. It was all working fine until not too long ago. Could there be an update gone wrong or something?

I’ve tried restarting everything, I’ve checked the optical going from the TV to the playbar and on the playbar side it has a red light, from what I understand that indicats that the connection is okay. I’ve also tried resetting and reinstalling my playbar to the sonos app, still no progress. This is getting quite frustrating as I can’t watch anything on my appletv… So I really appreciate the help! Thanks!

In the Apple TV, go to Settings, then choose Video and Audio.

Under the Audio heading, make sure that Audio Output is on XXX(HDMI), and Audio Format is Dolby Digital 5.1

Ok, a fourth gen Apple TV, not 4K. On the Apple TV, go to Settings>Video & Audio>Audio Format. Does it say Dolby Digital 5.1, or something else there? If it says anything else, click on that line, then Change Format, then the line under should say Dolby Digital 5.1 (I think...mine is already set up this way).

That forces the Apple TV to send a Dolby Digital signal to your TV, which should then be passed to your PLAYBAR. As a “belt and suspenders” thing, it’s worth going in to the Audio settings on the Samsung while watching a movie, and locking it down to Dolby Digital as well. It’s probably set to “Best Available” or DTS, or something other than what you want. 

Oh, while you’re poking around in both devices, it’s worth checking them for software updates, too. ;)


I have the same problem as christy above. The sound works just fine when I watch ”regular” TV but when I want to watch something using my appletv there is no sound coming out of my playbar. 


When I go to settings->video and audio->audio output, the only two alternatives that come up are my sonos ones (bedroom and kitchen). 


What can I do? 

Which version of Apple TV do you have? The menus are different on the 3rd gen than they are on the 4K version. I’m not going to be home for another hour, though, to be able to give you particulars, I’ve got a third gen in my bedroom, and a 4K in my living room.