Sonos app skips to next song before the current one has finished playing

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I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a song fully finishes it skips to the next song. I can't seem figure out wants going on. I'm guessing it must be a setting that i need to change. Any help would be great.

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After sitting back in this thread for a couple months while I spent hours upon hours going through this thread with a fine tooth comb, I am now adding my voice to the multitude of unhappy Sonos customers.

I have this problem too. ?

My Sonos system (with four Play 1 speakers) ran flawlessly for a couple years until just like everyone else, my Sonos system started cutting off songs and randomly jumping to others in the playlist. This mind numbing problem started after the latest round of updates that hit the Sonos app earlier this year.

I have spent many MANY hours on this frustrating problem, reading this thread from beginning to end, trying EVERY suggestion given as well as reading all help links given and absolutely nothing suggested has worked.

The answer for all of us is most definitely NOT changing to a new channel (I tried that) or making sure that they are close enough (all 4 speakers are within eye shot of each other), nor is it any other suggestion that I’ve painstakingly tried, including resetting the system from scratch like everyone else is saying. I even hard wired one of the speakers to the router instead of using wireless for it, making sure it was at least 3ft away from the router. That didn’t work either, it still skipped all over the place.

This problem is NOT affecting just an isolated few who just need a tweak with their settings or channels. This is THOUSANDS of us customers having this headache. All one has to do is search online regarding this Sonos problem and you can see Sonos is getting dragged through the mud not coming up with a workable solution on this.

BUT, FOUND A POSSIBLE SHORT TERM FIX which is actually Sonos’ latest suggestion in this thread:

Having this issue with Sonos means that I simply have stopped playing music around the house but today I got dragged back to this issue getting totally frustrated as once again our Sonos system started skipping mid song etc when i attempted to get 10 good minutes out of it while doing dishes. With still no clue as to what in the actual heck is going on and how to fix it I came back here to this thread to see the latest suggestion by Sonos Reps saying to try TURNING OFF screen AUTO-LOCK. So I started testing.

It would seem the TEMPORARY answer (for an Apple iphone user like me) is to TURN OFF AUTO-LOCK under “Display & Brightness” in the iPhone “Settings”.

And it works. So far. Whether it’s sticks and keeps working is another matter, but after running several playlists for a couple hours and no skipping or issues I’m guessing this is the short term fix. I’ll report back with another not so long post if it starts skipping again.

In the meantime DEAR SONOS TEAM: asking us to TURN OFF our “AUTO-LOCK” Apple screen time out feature and just leave our screens to just stay on IS NOT THE ANSWER. Something in your Sonos App has changed to cause this. Can you PLEASE sort this out so that we can keep our screen time out feature left on? That would be GREATLY appreciated.

And of course I will report back if the problem starts up again. Though I hope it doesn’t, obviously.

Sorry for the long post but after spending all these hours on this I had a lot to share, including frustration. ?
oh no I don't use an iphone and I get this problem as well. Just submitted an email query. Reading all these comments doesn't fill me with hope. £500 worth of equipmenr not usable. Certainly will not be buying a playbar for the tv.
Not a good time to have bought shares if this gets around.
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Yes. More testing last night and it doesn’t seem any more reliable with auto lock never. I hope you have more success.

I do have some sympathy with Sonos. I have a clever car that can show messages on the dashboard but that stopped working a few iOS upgrades ago. Still works with android. So it’s possibly due to Apple moving the goalposts.

But of course that doesn’t help us. The direct play facility is about all I use so this really hurts.

I’m about ready to give up and sell these Sonos paperweights and move on myself. I haven’t seen a single person come back and say “Yay! Sonos helped me fix it! It don’t skip anymore!” Not a single person. And this has been going on for quite some time apparently. I don’t think Sonos has any clue or if they did they would put out some kind of an announcement saying something like “we hear you, we are working toward a fix, we understand that this is a problem on our end and NOT on the users end so bare with us while we sort this out.” If we heard that posted by Sonos I MIGHT be inclined to wait it out, but with complete silence on this except to suggest the same “fixes” that don’t work over and over again to each new person who complains, I suspect they just don’t know what to do. And that stinks. These things are not cheap. And now I’ve got to go out and get something that actually works. Not happy in the slightest.
Don’t apologize for the long post @Webspinur , I appreciate the help as I too have spent many frustrating hours on this problem. Touch wood, the no auto lock has been working but agree this is not the solution. Not a good experience for $750 in speakers. Definitely makes me think twice about getting the Playbar.
I have had my Sonos system for a few years now and I have been experiencing this issue from the beginning. I started with a Samsung S6 and am currently on an S8. As with others, steaming from something like Pandora, iHeart or Amazon always
works fine. However, when streaming music from my phone, it plays the first song then skips the last 15-40 seconds of every song after that. Additionally, it has had the problem of completely stopping about 20-30 minutes into playback from the phone. When this happens, I get back into the phone and Sonos immediately says that it's reconnecting with the wifi. It then picks up in the middle of a completely different song. I have always felt this was BS as the phone has a direct line to the wifi about 15 feet away. There is no way it was losing connection.

Anyway, I have popped in here about once a year to see if any progress has been made and, as usual, it appears that is a big NOPE! I have been reading through some of the more recent posts and noted that many of the iPhone users seem to have had some luck with disabling the screen lock. Tonight, I thought I would give this a try while I was working out. Samsung doesn't allow you to disable screen lock. Instead, I can only set it for a maximum of a 10-minute delay. So, I made sure to toggle the screen in Sonos every 10 minutes or so to keep the phone active. Lo and behold, it worked. It played all the songs to the end and never stopped once. I will continue this moving forward to see if it is consistent.

Like so many others here, I have always felt this was an app issue. I have a strong router/wifi signal and I'm in a very close line of sight when working out. There is no way this is interference. The only thing that changed tonight was the fact that I kept the screen open and active. If this continues to work for me, then the proof is in the pudding. It is an app issue that can't properly stream music from the phone when the screen is locked. As other users have pointed out, there is no way that all of those people out there with this problem are experiencing interference. It just doesn't compute, statistically. Messing with my phone every 10 minutes will be a hassle and I shouldn't have to do it. But if it works for my music, then so be it - for now.

Please, Sonos, fix this issue

I am using and iPhone X, with the current updates on my iphone and Sonos. I have this same problem and I tested the scenario Stephone_D_118 describes above and he is correct. I agree it is an app issue. If I keep the app alive the songs play perfectly all the way through. If I let the screen lock and the iphone sit untouched, the app starts skipping in the middle of every song. If I let the iphone sit untouched through 3 songs, it will stop playing. SONOS, we need some help with this issue.
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Glad it worked, majwilsonlion. It’s not a perfect solution, but it really is a viable workaround. Yes, I set my input level to a 7 as wel.

I wish Sonos would address the issue. If it is possible to Airplay/Chromecast audio over WiFi without problem, they should be able to fix the issue as well. They continue to say it is WiFi interfeance, but by virtue of AirPlay and chromecast working just fine I don’t buy it. Regardless, I love the Sonos system and this solution works well enough, I suppose.

Happy holidays!
This is a frigging joke. Either fix the skipping or get the hell out of the business. What you had was wondrous. But when you cannot play a playlist off phone without skipping are dead as a business! Why ask questions to a stupid technical group???
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Ok after a week of trouble free problems, the skipping tracks has returned and it is now not shuffling tracks even though Sonos One alexa says it is shuffling. Here’s what I know for certain, skipping does not happen when playing tunin radio, it also doesn’t happen on my echo dots connected to non Sonos speakers in my home. So the problem is not the source of input or indeed intereference otherwise you would expect the same problem elsewhere . I have isolated the problem to the Sonos One. Simply because when you reboot it the problem goes away for a week. I bough these premium speakers for the quality they appeared to offer, in reality my cheaper speakers are trouble free. It was my intention to replace all my units with Sonos, this will never happen. I have looked at the trend of this problem and it goes back to 2014, I think this is appalling service and would encourage a class action challenge under consumer protection law as this product is clearly not fit for purpose.
Same issue here.... has anyone figured out how to resolve this? I have tried all the channels to switch things, upgraded everything, got a new router, increased the internet speeds, and more.

Diagnostics: 1574892644

And its continuing to happen as I type this....
Same with me. Wow! I can’t believe that Sonos actually released a product that can’t do something fundamental like play a song. It beggars belief. I’m stunned by this. I’ve spent a long time resetting routers, assigning static ip addresses to the device, changing Wi-fi channels etc. but nothing works! Can someone tell me how I raise a diagnostic?
In the same boat here as well.. The moment the updates occurred is when the skipping started. It has to do with the auto-lock but I use my phone all day, I can't just leave the auto-lock turned off, It would kill my battery more.
Same here. I have two expensive Sonos products and now I effen regret having bought them. Everything was working fine for over a year when I purchased them. When the latest updates took place all when down hill not to say when to Ssss.... I use an apple iPod to play music not an iPhone and it does the same same obviously because of the auto lock issue and I feel bad for those with iPhone that have to keep it unlocked. SONOS TEAM wake up and fix this ASAP! You are going to lose and have so many angry and disappointed customers that it will start being taken to social media and I guarantee you this will kill your company. Wake up and FIX it ASAP or give me my money back, I will gladly send you back your junk. That's what you turned it to to my eyes.
Add me to list as well. Trying to play songs off of iPhone to Play One and Playbar. Songs play for a short time and then skip to the next one. This was not happening before the most recent update. Sent diagnostics. Confirmation number is 696590066.
Just bought a Play 3 about an hour ago, I was really excited to get a setup for my entire home and make a substantial investment. Got home and went to play some music on my iPhoneX and what do you know? Skips to the next song before the previous one finished, but only when my phone is locked! Quick Google search turned this topic up. Has Sonos even acknowledged this issue and said they’re working to fix it? Honestly I think I’m just going to return it. Way too much $ to spend to have problems right out the gate with such a basic setup.
I somewhat suspect that they don't have a solution so have decided there is no mileage in continuing to fob me off.... Sorry bud.
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Unfortunately Sonos is going to remove the 'On this iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch' feature in a future version:

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Hi Michael, 

in order for us to have a closer look and identify the issue, could you please submit a system diagnostics within 20 minutes of seeing this issue and respond with the confirmation number? 

How to submit a system diagnostics


Daniel H. 
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Me again, Tom! Carried out your suggestions but no improvement - if anything the tracks were skipping earlier in the track!! I've submitted another diagnostic in case that helps you refer to more recent data: reference number 7606784. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hey mattd, sorry to hear it's still playing up. Right now it looks like the communication between the BRIDGE and the Kitchen unit is not as good as we would like it, and the Kitchen is relaying to the Office, so that will be affected as well. Please try distance the Kitchen zone from anything using radio antennas, such as cordless phones, WiFi boosters, intercom systems - and also as far as you can from large metal objects like the oven, microwave and fridge.

Same problem here... skipping songs like a lunatic. Submitted system diagnostics and confirmation number is: 7610476.
Hi FGD, with your system the general health looks good; although I might suggest changing the router to channel 1, which seems less busy. Other than that, I have applied a small update to be pending for your system, which works around some issues with metadata requests from Spotify. Run a check for updates and get back to us if that doesn't fix it for you.
Me too and I can't send it!
It only happens when I'm streaming music directly from my phone in either speaker ?
Diagnostic Id: 7833793
Any help?!
Same exact thing here. I have all my music on an external drive attached to an Airport Time Capsule (the tall kind.) Problem MAY have started when I got that time capsule, but not sure. Everything used to work aces. I've tried putting the music on my laptop where sonos runs from, helped for a day, then the problem came back. I've changed wireless channels in the sonos settings, happens on all available channels. I've tried rebooting the entire system, unplugging all the componants, etc, no help I've removed the music library from sonos entirely and re-added it, no help... ??? SUPER frustrating. I can listen to Pandora and Spotify without issue, but i have 35,000 songs of my own I want to hear! Thanks for any assistance! Rob
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I am having the same problem. Only happens when playing music locally stored on my iOS device running iOS 11.
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You may not like this solution but it’s the ONLY thing I have found that works. I plugged an airport express (you could use a chromecast into your connect) into one of my play 5’s and when listening to locally stored music I simply Airplay (or chrome cast for you) it into the Sonos system. It actually works really well, and has the added benefit of allowing me to play from ‘non Sonos’ sources such as YouTube and directly from my podcast app when needed. (I listen to a lot of Grateful Dead and the like so completely get how frustrating and moment ruining this issue is) I have consulted with Sonos several times and they haven’t been able to help, they just tell me it is due to wireless interference, which I don’t think is true because AirPlay works just fine.
Chan's advice did work. I'm using a Chromecast audio. Had to increase the input level to ~8. Also had to set the Chromecast setting to "mirror audio", otherwise it was clipping the songs also. But now I can play directly from phone library to Sonos speakers using Rocket Player, the only true gapless player i've been able to find. I will worry about the dvd and surround sound after the holidays. Can at least play background music for guests now. Thanks, Chan.
same here. played from my galaxy s8. stops every song before the end and skips to next one. very annoying! never had any problems with Bluetooth playing songs before!
Sonos Staff, my system has started to skip to the next song from a newly created playlist. Saw this thread and ran my diagnostics. My ref# is 8470941. I hope you can help.
Same problem... 1479080170