Sonos app skips to next song before the current one has finished playing

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Stephen_D_118 wrote:

I have had my Sonos system for a few years now and I have been experiencing this issue from the beginning. I started with a Samsung S6 and am currently on an S8. As with others, steaming from something like Pandora, iHeart or Amazon always
works fine. However, when streaming music from my phone, it plays the first song then skips the last 15-40 seconds of every song after that. Additionally, it has had the problem of completely stopping about 20-30 minutes into playback from the phone. When this happens, I get back into the phone and Sonos immediately says that it's reconnecting with the wifi. It then picks up in the middle of a completely different song. I have always felt this was BS as the phone has a direct line to the wifi about 15 feet away. There is no way it was losing connection.

Anyway, I have popped in here about once a year to see if any progress has been made and, as usual, it appears that is a big NOPE! I have been reading through some of the more recent posts and noted that many of the iPhone users seem to have had some luck with disabling the screen lock. Tonight, I thought I would give this a try while I was working out. Samsung doesn't allow you to disable screen lock. Instead, I can only set it for a maximum of a 10-minute delay. So, I made sure to toggle the screen in Sonos every 10 minutes or so to keep the phone active. Lo and behold, it worked. It played all the songs to the end and never stopped once. I will continue this moving forward to see if it is consistent.

Like so many others here, I have always felt this was an app issue. I have a strong router/wifi signal and I'm in a very close line of sight when working out. There is no way this is interference. The only thing that changed tonight was the fact that I kept the screen open and active. If this continues to work for me, then the proof is in the pudding. It is an app issue that can't properly stream music from the phone when the screen is locked. As other users have pointed out, there is no way that all of those people out there with this problem are experiencing interference. It just doesn't compute, statistically. Messing with my phone every 10 minutes will be a hassle and I shouldn't have to do it. But if it works for my music, then so be it - for now.

Please, Sonos, fix this issue

I am using and iPhone X, with the current updates on my iphone and Sonos. I have this same problem and I tested the scenario Stephone_D_118 describes above and he is correct. I agree it is an app issue. If I keep the app alive the songs play perfectly all the way through. If I let the screen lock and the iphone sit untouched, the app starts skipping in the middle of every song. If I let the iphone sit untouched through 3 songs, it will stop playing. SONOS, we need some help with this issue.
Same issue here. Please fix
Submitted diagnostic 640900158
Hi, I'm having this problem too. I have a new Sonos and am streaming from the app, or from spotify, on my iphone. I have the autolock disabled, crossfade disabled, battery saver off and no connection problems. Every track cuts out a little before the end and goes onto the next one. Sometimes there's an error message saying 'unable to connect', but not always. Diagnostics = 2087776113. Please help!
I am reporting the same issue.
I submitted a diagnostic #1179076063
I have the same issue, not all tracks but most tracks played directly from my Android phone are cut short.
Diagnostic report 385094287.

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