Sonos app skips to next song before the current one has finished playing

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I have the same issue, not all tracks but most tracks played directly from my Android phone are cut short.
Diagnostic report 385094287.
I am also having this issue diagnose 1201547631
Hi folks,

If you've updated your systems and are still running into playback issues from tracks stored on your iOS devices, please reach out to our phone teams who can continue the investigation on a case by case basis. You can find our phone number and hours here.

Ah the irony is that I DID phone, but the phones are closed and they directed me to which led me here…. It's like being stuck in a circular referecen!
I have also had the skipping song issue with my iPhone 8. My Sonos system worked fine for a couple of years before this issue started. I sent in multiple diagnostics to Sonos last year and tried all the fixes they suggested with no joy until I just read about setting the Display Auto-Lock to "Never". That allows my songs to play without skipping. A work-around at best.
SONOS - Please fix this issue. It is obviously something that slipped into one of your updates that affects phones with locked screens as it affects both iPhone and Android.
I disabled Airplay on my Apple TV and now my wife's iPhone can play un-interrupted from the music on the phone, even after the phone screen turns off.

When will this be fixed?


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