Sonos App Problem

  • 29 November 2016
  • 1 reply


Every time I start the Sonos app on my iPhone 7, it keeps saying that my system (currently only a Play 3 speaker) has an update available, but when I search for the update there is no to download. I can't add new music services. The only way I got Spotify avaliable on my phone app was by adding it on my MacBook first... Tried with resetting both speaker and controller, as well as reinstalled the application. Does someone know how I get rid of these problems? Thanks!

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1 reply

I suspect that you may have signed up for the beta, which actually doesn't exist for an iOS device, due to restrictions by Apple. And since there's an issue currently in removing yourself from the beta, your best bet is to call Sonos, and have them assist you in removing your account.

However, if you check your system, and everything is on 6.4.x, then come back here and post.